holly grim

Ice To Sun

Title: Ice To Sun

Sypnosis: Parent!Phan, (Could be seen as AU if you prefer it)- Focuses on Dan and Phil’s teenage daughter who has a drug addiction, please read with caution.

Word Count: 12,131 (yIKES)

Warnings: Drug Use/Abuse, Suicide Attempt, Character Death (Not D or P), Smut tell me if I’ve missed anything out

A/N: This isn’t real (sadly), I am not claiming Phan is real etc etc, I don’t own Dan and Phil bc you know, that’s illegal. Also, I don’t have any personal experience with drug addiction and all of my research for this has been done online, so I apologise deeply if it is inaccurate or anything. This is also my first ever phanfiction that I’ve ever actually published online so please bear with me if there’s any mistakes or if it’s mediocre etc.


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Bold your results:


Where do you live(continent)?

America: Thunderclan.

Africa: Windclan.

Asia: Riverclan.

Europe: Shadowclan.

Oceania: Other.__________


When did you start reading warriors?

11 years ago(and had read every/almost every book since then): Leader.

10-8 years ago(and had read every/almost every book since then): Deputy.

11-8 years ago: Elder.

8-5 years ago: Medicine cat.

5-3 years ago: Warrior.

3-1 years ago: Apprentice/med. cat apprentice.

Months/weeks ago: kit.

Name: (it doesn’t matter if you’re a leader, apprentice or kit; this means this would be your warrior name /p.s I’m very sorry if your name starts with ‘u’, the names are horrible/).

First letter of first name?(you can choose)

A: apple, ant, amber, ash, antler, adder, aspen, acorn, arch.

B: blue, berry, bracken, bramble, bee, buzzard, black, bright, bounce, bark, boulder, blossom, brindle, badger, beeatle, bird, brich, bat, brown, blizzard, breeze, beech, briar.

C: cinder, cream, clear, coal, cherry, cloud, cold, copper, cedar, curl, clover, crouch, crow, claw, cricket, clever, cute.

D: dove, dawn, daisy, dark, deer, dusk, dew, drift, dust, dapple, duck, dry, dim.

E: echo, ember, ebony, eel, eagle, egg.

F: feather, flower, fawn, forest, fall, fly, finch, fire, flame, fern, flint, fox, frost, fallow, freckle, freeze, flow, ferret, frog, fuzzy, fluffy.

G: golden, gorse, goose, gray, green, ginger, grass, grim.

H: holly, hollow, honey, hop, half, hail, heavy, heron, hawk, hay, hare, hazel, heather.

I: ice, ivy, insect, ink, inmense, inch.

J: jay, jagged, jump, jaw, joy.

K: kestrel, kink, kiss, kind, kick, kindle.

L: long, lithe, little, lake, leopard, lion, loud, lightning, lily, larch, lark, lion, leaf, lizard, low.

M: moth, mallow, minnow, moon, morning, molted, marsh, maple, mist, mole, moss, mud, mouse, milk, mint, mumble, munch, maggot.

N: nettle, night, noisy, noble, nut.

O: owl, one, oak, otter, olive, ocean, oat.

P: pebble, pickle, pinch, plum, plump, pine, patch, poppy, pear, pounce, pearl, petal, peach, pigeon, pepper.

Q: quiet, quivering, quick.

R: rose, rat, river, robin, red, river, rowan, ragged, running, russet, rock, rolling, rush, reed.

S: snake, silver, slim, slow, sleek, sand, seed, snow, sorrel, squirrel, spotted, spike, speckle, soot, storm, sun, stone, small, spider, song, sweet, swift, shrew, sparrow, splash, shell, sedge, stumpy, starling.

T: trout, thunder, thistle, twist, thrush, turtle, tall, tawny, twig, tiny, talon, tiger, toad, torn, thorn, tangle.

U: under, upper, unsaid, utter, unease, united.

V: viper, vole, vixen, vine.

W: white, willow, wind, water, wild, wren, wood, worm, wolf, web, whisker, weasel, wet, wasp.

Y: yellow, yell, yowl, yawn.

Z: zero, zoom.

First letter of last name?

A: arch, antler, adder, almond, ash, apple.

B: berry, beat, blur, bend, bow, bleach, buzz, blizzard, back, bramble, belly.

C: cinder, catch, claw, crouch, chest, chill, chick, click, crack, cut.

D: doble, dull, deep, deer, day, daisy, dusk, dawn, dot, dapple.

E: eel, eagle, echo, egg, eye, ear.

F: flight, fire, fawn, fog, frog, flap, fuzz, fang, fur, foot, feather, face.

G: gaze, gap, glint, grind, grasp, grass, growl.

H: holly, hop, hunt, heart, howl, hum, hilll, hare head.

I: insect, ink, ivy, ice.

J: jag, jump, joy, jaw, joint, jolt, jab, jaw.

K: kestrel, kick, kindle, kiss, keeper, knock.

L: light, leg, limb, lake, lull, lump, lizard, land, leopard, lily.

M: mud, moor, milk, marsh, morning, mumble, mist, maple, moss, moon, mole, mess, muzzle.

N: nose, noise, nut, night, nectar, nimble, nibble, nest.

O: olive, oak, owl, ocean, otter, oat.

P: path, push, purr, peak, peach, pinch, pull, pelt, pounce, powder.

Q: quack, quick, quiver.

R: rise, rose, ripple, rat, rumble, rain, roll, robin, run, rush, reed.

S: shine, shard, sharp, spots, snake, shade, shadow, shrew, shake, spirit, stripe, storm, splash, stone, song, sight, spike.

T: trout, tail, tumble, thunder, taste, tang, tooth, tongue.

U: unit, upper, under.

V: vine, viper, vile, vole.

W: white, wolf, wind, wave, wash, willow, wood.

Y: yell, yowl, yawn.

Z: zoom.


pelt color(“base”):

What’s your favorite weather?

Rainy: black  Cloudy: grey  Sunny: ginger/red  Snowy: white  Windy: brown  Hail: golden/cream.

markings/fur length:

Your birth date?

day:                             month:                              year:

1- solid.                       junary- bright green          1990-95: long fur 

2- solid + white.           february- green                 1995-2000: medium

3- tabby.                      march- hazel                      2000- 2005,6,7: short 

4- tabby + white.          april- yellow

5- spotted.                   may- amber  

6- spotted + white.       june- copper

7- tortie.                       july- blue

8- tortie + tabby.          agust- bright blue

9- calico.                     september- turquosie  

10- calico + tabby.       october- cornflower

11- point.                     november- orange

12- lynx point.              december- odd(bicolor)

13- tortie point.

14- bicolor point.

15- pastel point.

16- shell.

17- shell + tabby.

18- shell + tortie.

19- shaded.

20- shaded + tabby.

21- shaded + tortie.

22- smoke.

23- smoke + tabby

24- smoke + tortie

25- smoke + tortie + tabby

26- shell + tortie + tabby

27- shaded + tortie + tabby

28- tortie + tabby + white

29- marbeled tabby

30- ticket tabby

31- broken tabby.


Bold as you like:

flat face   ear tufts   scars   missing ear   ear nick(s)   missing eye   short tail