holly goodhead

For some reason I ended up talking with a friend about the best Bond girls and he was saying stupid things like Halle Berry and Maud Adams and I was like no, dude, come on so here is my top five because sometimes I am a heterosexual

5. Holly Goodhead (Lois Chiles, Moonraker, 1979)

lots of people don’t like Holly Goodhead (hahahah holly) because blah blah acting or chemistry or whatever, but what they fail to realize is that she was played by Lois Chiles who was the greatest woman ever in 1970s even though the only other thing I’ve seen her in is The Great Gatsby but she was haughty and perfect which is why I love her and this is a pretty sound undeniable argument let’s be honest here ok


#16 - Moonraker

Where do I begin? Really? 

Moonraker is regarded by the majority of fans as being one of the absolute worst films in the entire series. With an outlandish plot that takes 007 to outer-space, it’s easy to agree with them.

Unlike many of the other Bond entries on this list, it doesn’t take itself seriously – I mean, at all – so that earns it some brownie points. I can at least respect it being recognizably campy and fun because it is aware of the role it has in the canon. 

Featuring Lois Chiles’ CIA agent Dr. Holly Goodhead, Richard Kiel’s Jaws (and his newfound love), and a paper-thin plot resembling Noah’s Ark, one should not view this film with any preconceived notions of it showing nail-biting espionage at its finest. 

Moore seems very comfortable in the role so it’s a fun ride to be on as 007 takes us “around the world one more time.”