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holly-gofightly replied to your post:was listening to a new radio interview Michael Shannon did and he mentioned Boardwalk will have a shortened season (8 episodes) for S5. Didn’t say much other than that, though!

Why do I get the feeling they’re just giving up entirely?

I blame TW’s interests being moved over to the new 70s rock and roll drama that he and Scorsese are making with Bobby Cannavale.

I have loved the show dearly, I just wish that the people who made it loved it enough to let it go to someone else who would put their full effort into it instead of letting it sink into mediocrity/shock value tv and not fighting for it to get a full end AT ALL.  I know it’s not fully TW’s fault. Networks fuck people over and show creators are forced to end things before they want to all the time, but it feels like there was no fight over this.  It feels like there hasn’t been for a while.

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It’s one thing to not see others posting about the things you like and feel like you’re screaming into a void; it’s another to feel ridiculed and shamed for liking what you like. It may not happen to everyone, but it is there and it does suck.

I 100% see what your saying, but I respectfully disagree that exclusion must be malicious to have a negative impact. To me, anything that makes people feel like they don’t have a voice and can’t be involved is a step in the wrong direction.

honestly it does really hurt me that people are feeling that way and i have a lot of empathy for that because i have felt that way in the past. i agree that anything that makes people feel like they don’t have a voice is bad but i think if people did speak, if they did engage, they would not be faced with coldness.

i can only speak of my own experiences as an example.  i have been actively engaging with the people who are currently active in the fandom about a variety of boardwalk topics and have never once felt shamed for loving margaret or richard or the darmodys who are my absolute favorite people on the show, or for not being knowledgeable about team ny.

for example, i’ve been participating (when my schedule allows) in the boardwalk rewatch (which is open to everyone) and we’ve had long and really meaty discussions about jimmy and richard and margaret in chat. so i just don’t think it’s fair to say that people who aren’t as into the gangster characters don’t have a place. and while watching the train wreck that was motm: ny when i didn’t understand something people were talking about all i said was “explain me a thing!” they literally stopped and had a story time for me to explain some backstory/historical aspect so i wasn’t in the dark about a scene they were discussing. which is so kind and warm and welcoming. the exact opposite of exclusion and elitist behavior. and we also have an exchange coming up which was open to everyone and a new fic blog which is amazing and i just don’t see active attempts at exclusion.

i think adding more content and making the fandom more inclusive is a good idea and i am totally behind it. efforts that i see you making like speakeasycollective, holly, are what i feel are the right way to go about this and i want to talk to you more about it at a later time.

but the way that some of this discussion has played out i feel has made people feel like the goal is to shame and push people out who are active rn and i 100% cannot be behind that. i don’t think that is the goal, just as i truly don’t think it was intentional for anyone to make the speakeasy feel unwelcoming over the last few months. but obviously it has felt that way. i think reflection is necessary from everyone.  

honestly, i am going to leave my discussion of things at that for now because i am honestly more upset than i realized. this fandom is so important to me, and things like this really impact me so i think i am going to take a bit of a break tonight.  but i want to end by saying that i truly enjoy everyone who has been in this discussion and have greatly appreciated their contributions to the fandom over the years, and i hope that we can all continue to do more of it together in the future.

@holly-gofightly i’m going to let it go this time because i explained to him pretty clearly that it wasn’t cool with me and he seemed to understand. also because in the past he’s been very helpful to me and we’ve gotten along really well.

lately though some of the things he’s been saying/doing have been bothering me, so i’m definitely going to have to set some more boundaries with him. he says mildly innappropriate things as a joke and he’s super awkward, but it’s starting to feel like a facade to excuse creepy behavior. like today he asked me as a joke if i wanted to netflix and chill with him and i said no, so then he asked me if i even knew what that meant… so i just told him like “um yeah i have the internet.” and since he’s goofy/pranky with male coworkers, but only like THAT with the women that’s a real red flag for me. (also, that meme is at least a week too old to be funny anymore.)