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I wrote fic for a pairing that hasn’t been on the air in four years. Hoping maybe some former speakeasy peeps might be interested?

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Finally made a follow forever to celebrate making it to 1,700 followers! Thanks so much for sticking with me for the past year. The blogs listed below are the people that I reblog and/ or reblog me frequently. Don’t be offended if you’re not on the list. It’s just because we’ve never spoken or because you’re not a mutual follower. I appreciate each and every one of you.  ;) 

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Hello everyone! This is my first follow forever. During the time I’ve been running this blog I’ve met some amazing people. Most of you are in the speakeasy, the best fandom/support system anyone could ask for. It’s been a rough year and y'all have helped me through it with your humor and understanding and overall kindness. You’re all wonderful people with quality blogs and it’s been amazing tumbling with you all. Happy New Year!


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@holly-gofightly i’m going to let it go this time because i explained to him pretty clearly that it wasn’t cool with me and he seemed to understand. also because in the past he’s been very helpful to me and we’ve gotten along really well.

lately though some of the things he’s been saying/doing have been bothering me, so i’m definitely going to have to set some more boundaries with him. he says mildly innappropriate things as a joke and he’s super awkward, but it’s starting to feel like a facade to excuse creepy behavior. like today he asked me as a joke if i wanted to netflix and chill with him and i said no, so then he asked me if i even knew what that meant… so i just told him like “um yeah i have the internet.” and since he’s goofy/pranky with male coworkers, but only like THAT with the women that’s a real red flag for me. (also, that meme is at least a week too old to be funny anymore.)


This is my second time making one of these… and I still have no clue what to actually write here, heh, so I’ll just skip straight to the important part - my fave blogs/bloggers!

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