holly dae

So it’s actually been a couple weeks since i hit my first K so to showcase how grateful I am of all the people that at least sorta pay attention to me, I’m doing this follow forever thing. (and i’m also officially 3 years old)

If you’re here at all that means that I’ve seen you around a couple of times, if your name is bolded that means you’re one of my faves, maybe we even talk! If your name is bolded and strikethroughed that means I look up to you a lot, and if your name is bolded and italicized stay tuned cuz I’ve got a message for you down below.

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asdfghjiyong: Jenny, I think you’re super cool I really would like to get to know you better we really should talk more, you know if you’re down with it.

official-enjolras: You’re probably my favorite blog really, I love everything about you, you’re soo funny and you’re like the first blog i was like..obsessed with. Weird? maybe but it’s true.

spiritualtrash: One of my bestiest friend in the whole wide world KJ. I miss you!! I wish we could hangout. message me we’ll talk.

thatsthat24: he’s probably not gonna see this but Thomas Sanders is that viner that does the disney pranks (with friends) and has a voice not even angels could compete with. Goodness he’s great.

yanghwa-bridge: I wanna talk to you but you just seem so cool like ur way too cool to talk to me so idk I guess I’m too scared.

vtopv: Allyson I’m so glad we started talking,  you’re way cool.

zayngivesmechestpain: I’m glad we started talking too, turns out we have alot in common :)