holly brockwell

“You should stop having sex - no need for sterilization. Or chastity belt, and I keep the key.”

Another tweet taken from the vitriolic backlash against Holly Brockwell, 29, whose childfree beliefs and wish to be sterilised have been making waves in the UK media.

This one’s pretty easy to dismantle. 

Amazingly, “sex is for procreation only!” is now almost universally considered to be the most prudish, old-fashioned and dusty belief - until someone needs to punish a wayward woman, in which case it is speedily resurrected from the grave and hoisted up as morally high as it can go without getting sucked into aeroplane turbines.

We still don’t like saying this aloud, but seriously… it’s okay for people who are female to want and enjoy sex. They’re perfectly allowed to - just like the male people among us.

I would expect anyone who insists that others engage in only procreative sex to hold themselves to those extreme ideals, too… though I doubt it, somehow.

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Suicide used by Hyundai to sell their new car. 

For us it isn’t just the gag that bothers us, it is the tone. This was played out way to serious. The gag itself is just poor, its trying to be “edgy” and screams of an agency that wants to be “cool”. 

Not only that but the serious tone, the over dramatic set up is just heartless. 

In fact so heartless it has prompted a response from an advertising creative that has experienced this situation first hand. 

So where do you draw the line on the subjects you exploit to see your product? Where is your creative soul? We’ve seen worse with black comedy and dark humour but the fact this is trying to sell you something in such a gritty way makes us feel cold. 

You can read the open letter to Hyundai here http://copybot.wordpress.com/2013/04/25/an-open-letter-to-innocean-and-hyundai/

Sadly Audi did a very similar spot a few years ago.


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