holly and hannah


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holly the border collie 

Adopted when she’s one by Annabeth, the two form an instant bond. She was originally adopted as a puppy but was later left at the shelter because the family said she was too much trouble. Holly is a great reminder to Annabeth to take time for herself and makes the perfect running partner. While at a dog training class, the trainer notices how quickly Holly picks up commands and suggests to Annabeth that she give agility training a try. Soon it becomes part of their weekend routine along with cuddling on the couch as Annabeth reads the New York Times to Holly. A true match made in Heaven.  

Progression of Lesbian ships:

The “Wow, whats this?” and realization on your own gay as you watch Spencer figure it out:

The ship that was full of side glances and cut scenes but so undeniable: 

The one after Glee destroyed your soul but IRL people told you it was okay to ship them and the fan fiction was brilliant and you let it consume you:

The one you decided to give a shot and fell into head first: 

The one that gave you everything you ever wanted and Tiny Gay Laura got her vampire: