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Whats a reg???

a bunch of people i don’t want on my blog. in short it’s the discourse hate brigade.
the acronym stands for Revisionist Exclusionary Gatekeeper, it’s a coverall term used for the people who try and gatekeep the LGBTQIA community by saying who is and who isn’t allowed in usually with transphobic, biphobic, aphobic, and exorsexist rhetoric.
aside from TERFs, you’ll see them claiming that the ‘true’ acronym is only LGBT to exclude people they don’t like, that nonbinary people can’t be trans, erasing mspec identities, or saying that aspec people and bi people in ‘het’ relationships aren’t welcome. among other things.


Rice Boy x Hollow Knight crossover!

The Shadow and Rice Boy remind me of each other in a weird way… Both are cute little creatures facing a world much larger than themselves, on a quest that was the reason for their creation, going up against incredible odds. Damned heroes watch out for each other, right? At least I think that would be nice. 

Translation: P1 [Please…! Leave me alone!], P3 [What?], P4 [A knight?!? Is this one benign?], P6 [Little knight… Why did you defend me?]