22.10.14  Wells Cathedral.  Filming for Hollow Crown Series with Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard III.  A frustrating day.  I didn’t expect to see Benedict at all but he did arrive for filming.  I did manage to get a video of him arriving, not very good I am afraid.  A lovely close up of security and a director lady but not much Benedict.  Benedict is the second man arriving in a beige doublet.

The filming area in the Cathedral was screened off and nothing more was seen of Benedict all day.  Some very helpful(!) people bemoaned the fact I wasn’t there the previous two days when there were lots of opportunities to see and photograph Benedict.  This really didn’t make me feel better, funnily enough.  In a way it was more frustrating knowing he was there but not within sight, than if he hadn’t been there at all.  However, I did see lots of film activity, extras, Tom Sturridge (incredibly skinny in tights!), Philip Glenister, Ben Miles, Jason Watkins, Adrian Dunbar & co.  Hugh Bonneville was the only cast member to smile, sign autographs or anything.   I asked him to autograph my Wells Cathedral pamphlet and told him I thought he looked very nice (he was wearing a very fetching velvet smock).

Today they were filming coronations - Edward & Henry VI.  Lots of ‘God Save the King’ throughout the day.


Still one amazing song I would say! :)

HiddleSwift is over. (FINALLY)

Hey guys, as you may know (through my unbelievably childish rants here) I was not happy with the direction our dearest Hiddleston was heading (Towards Miss.Swift. Another Other woman is fine, just not Taylor. :3) and I stopped posting on here a while ago. 

Yesterday, I woke up to a message that Hiddleswift came to an end and I just couldn’t believe my eyes cause I was taken over my shock (Note the sarcasm). So, to make sure I wasn’t being pranked (again) by some of my friends (You know who you are.) I google searched it. Turn’s out Taylor threw Tom under the bus. AGAIN. 

To all of you who are reading the break up news here, I’ll do my best to give you a short explanation and then continue with the message.

According to the Reports from the magazine US Weekly, Taylor and Tom had broken up. Taylor had been questioning Tom’s true motive behind his love and was uncomfortable with Tom’s need of public display of affection. She thought that Tom was using her for Fame when he demanded her to join him on the red carpet for the Emmys 2016 (He is nominated for the Best least actor in a short film/series - The Night Manager). Taylor knew the blacklash that would arise with a publicly displayed relationship and Tom didn’t want to listen to her advice when she tried explaining them.

Really? Are they serious? I mean, yeah Tom was a bit fame hungry and he did accept that through his publicist team but he is a private man. Everybody who has seen Tom rise from a backstage actor to the lead man knows that he loves to keep his private life private which makes us question the authenticity of the report. Now, we heard rumour news from bustles like hollywood life and sun that Tom had given her an ultimatum (to turn her path 360 degrees if she wants this to work out) and that he got tired and bored of being her escort. They said Tom was trying to distance himself form Taylor because he was bored and tired of her. These news outlets fit perfectly with the breakup and this may have been the truth as magazines such as Daily News are pointing out at the moment.

Having said that, when Magazines like US Weekly publish a report as big as this, they run it through the publicist team of both the parties and then wait for a week or two incase they receive a change, denial, comment on the article from the teams. Now, This report has been confirmed by either Taylor Swift’s or Tom Hiddleston’s team and it is pretty clear that it was Taylor’s team that confirmed it because the news slant in her favour putting her on top of Tom and throwing him under the bus. 

Meanwhile, Hiddleston’s PR team have resorted to agreeing that Tom was truly in love with Taylor but was also in it for the limelight (No one would believe if they said he wasn’t in it for the lime light) but that he just got bored and tired of his ex-girlfriend (Like he usually does with his relationships. His friends call it the “The three month Mark” after which he pulls the plug on the relationship cause he is a commitment phobe (according to his family and friends, I still don’t see why a commitment phobe would take her to see his parents) and this seems to be true from his facial expression, a VERY long gap between the two, no seeing each other even if they are in the same country etc..). This seems like a smart move, because no one is actually blaming Hiddles for the matter. They have their eyes rolling at Taylor with thoughts that say “Reaaaaally Taylor? Privacy is not in your dictionary.” And this is honestly well played. Tom has gotten the media over this.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens after this. 

Will there be a dreaded album release this/ next year? That seems predictable because the breakup happened exactly before October. Will Tom be able to strike back and loose the drama of Hiddleswift? Will he regain his credibility?(He Will. And I believe we will.)

Watch this space for the latest feed on #HiddleSplit. Let me know what you think and how you’re celebrating #HiddleSplit or if you’re sad they broke up. 

Love you guys. Take care.


Me and Eve are gonna be in London on June 11th so we’re gonna make a meet up :3

I’m not even sure if many people will come but it would be nice to see some people who we haven’t seen in a while :3

I know there’s one on Friday so it’s a little close, but we have nothing to do until my Dad finishes work at like 6 so we thought it would be cool if we go get a few people to come chill :3