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Xavier Wulf & BONES - BRACE Review

back again with a seshollowaterboyz album, this time a collab between previously covered Bones and Hollow Squad member Xavier Wulf.
between all four of them, i always had the opinion Bones was the big standout in the group, and i assume this sentiment is shared between many other fans, but if i had to pick second place, Xavier would be up there easily. the way he effortlessly makes endless bangers is something very remarkable and makes him a useful addition to the team. so it’s safe to say i was excited to listen to it.
it opens up with the mood setter 1WayTicket, a track that narrates Xavier going into a space exploration trip, most likely to never come back, which kind of reflects the theme of this album being a space-adventure-ish tape. it works well as an intro, and bones gives a good performance, with probably his best singing in the album, even if brief.
it moves on to Suffer, a big bass-bumping banger with The Virus And Antidote producing it, Bones yelling in your ear, and Xavier delivering a rather lackluster verse in comparison. this is what I feared going into BRACE, that Bones would overshadow Xavier in the banger cuts, but really i did not have this issue, because this is the only hyped-up track in the album. honestly, it would not be a problem if the other tracks were mellow, but still cool to listen to and versatile, but from this point on, it’s all lowkey wavy singing rap (except SpeedOfLight and BackAndForth) that all blends into a rather uneventful listen, much like Beck’s Hyperspace (which looking back, didn’t deserve the score I gave it). seriously, this is the only track where Xavier slightly raises his tone.
if they were to at least do rapping segments in the middle of these tracks, similar to Bones’s verse on the intro, instead of singing every verse, it would be much more enjoyable. neither of the two are very good singers, especially the less melody-experienced Xavier (considering Bones sings much more often from what I’ve heard) , so i don’t really know why they’d want to have a nearly 20 minute long singoff. i guess I’m not the one to judge what they want to make though, but before listening to a SHWB track, i personally always expect something innovative, or at least varied. and i know this is supposed to be representing the space voyage to Krater’s Atlas but it still sort of disappoints 😔
there really isn’t much to this project imo. i feel like if they were to take the 80s synthpop direction SpeedOfLight set up and extended it into all the remaining tracks it would even be more fun than the direction they decided with. shoutout eddy baker too i never heard him sing like that and it was awesome lol.

FAVORITE TRACKS: 1WayTicket, Suffer, BackAndForth

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