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Solitary Samhain Celebration tips

So, looks like you guys like my posts about how to (lowkey) celebrate witchy holidays when you’re on your own. So here goes another one, this time for Samhain, all hollows eve, Halloween, Tempora dell'ombra, Day of the dead (fret not is the translation for the Italian term, I’m Italian and I do celebrate it, so it’s ok), or whatever you have.

- pull out old pictures, of when you were little, of when your parents were little, of when your grandparents were young

- frame pictures of loved ones who passed away

- have family tell you stories from the past, have friends tell you stories from their families and past

- write down your family tree, look for your roots

- light a candle and leave it out in the night to help lost souls find their way

- leave food offerings out in the night, or set an extra plate at your dinner table

- put up wards against all types of unwanted guests (salt on the window sills, a bag of iron nails near your door, a broom left outside)

- light some incense and cleanse your house and yourself

- sit down with an homemade pumpkin spice something and write in your witchy journal

- carve a pumpkin

- collect fallen leaves

- eat seasonal produce (pumpkin, mushrooms, chestnuts, etc…)

- divinate, if you have no tools it’s the perfect time to start (for lack of tools you can pick up any book ad do bibliomancy, look this up)

- and if you don’t know what to ask when doing divination, ask for an advice that can act as a motto for the incoming year

- pray for ancestors and gone souls

- dance with your shadow, meaning learn to recognize your flaws, learn from them, learn to work around and with them, learn to accept them (if you cannot shed it of course)

- dance with your shadow, meaning learn to see yourself at your worse, get scared of what you could do if completely unleashed in the worse possible way, be thankful for it because this way you can see your light

- put out food and water for small birds and little critters to pass the incoming cold months


13 Day Countdown to Season 4
Day 1: Favorite Season - Season 2 “They’ll need every trick in the book”

The hollow eve wanes thin, Persephone–

Oak smoke and syrup brittle,
there is no fire but we huddle around
in the orange drizzle awaiting a sign,
a sip, the pomegranate drip.

Kiss with a blood and chocolate mouth,
and part with the October crush of sky.
There’s something to be learned about
living in the dark,
but first you just have to try.
Always Here

Pairing/s: Thorin x (human!wife)reader

Setting/Timeline: A few years after BoTFA, Halloween/All Hollows’ Eve, Durins live!AU

Warning(s)/Genre(s): Fluff, a little bit of angst

Word Count: 1,487

The Hobbit, the Durins, and Any of the Company © J.R.R. Tolkien
Context © me

A/N: This is an entry for @sdavid09‘s Tale Teller’s Fright Night 2017 and I’ve chosen no.3 on the Halloween “Things” List - “Ghosts”, and no.9 on the Quotes List - “He said he was your brother, and he wanted me to give you this.”

And it seems I outdid myself, again.

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“It’s that time of the year, again.”

You whisper to no one in particular as you make your way to one of Erebor’s libraries as music and laughter could be heard from the mighty kingdom’s Great Hall.

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Adding Three More

This fic is based off of an universe I created on @dorkstache account.

SUMMARY:  Halloween eve is the perfect night to summon demons, but what happens when they show up at your front door?  The Jim Twins had convinced their older brother to buy a ouija board to get in the spirit, but things don’t go accordingly.

WARNINGS: mentions of child neglect and deceased parents.


All Hollows Eve, the original name given to the holiday of Halloween, a time where the spirit realm and the mortal realm would collide, a perfect opportunity to communicate with the dead, or perhaps something more sinister.

The Jim twins bounced happily as they unpacked the cheap ouija board they’d convinced their older brother, Bim, to buy for them.  It took much convincing and pleading, but Bim couldn’t say no to his little brothers.  He didn’t like playing around with ouija boards and anything to do with the supernatural, it just added to his anxiety of basically everything.

The twins had set the board in the middle of the coffee table, planning the planchet in the centre and both using two fingers on each hand to maneuver the planchet.  They both smiled at their older brother, obviously waiting for him to do the same, Bim didn’t want to, but again, he couldn’t say no.  

“Bim, can you ask the spirits something?” one of the twins asked, practically bursting with excitement.

Bim racked his brain for something to ask, he decided to go with the simple questions, he proceeded to ask, “Um, is anyone there?”

The planchet remained still, the spirits were probably thinking how unbelievably stupid that question was and laughing at him, so he went for another question, it was another simple one.

“Um, what’s your name?” Said Bim, continuing with, “If you are here, give us a sign, if you can.”

The planchet didn’t move again, and Bim saw the disappointment in his brothers’ faces.  He gave a nervous smile to the twins, trying to cheer them up. He hated seeing his brothers dejected, his parents used to say he was a people pleaser, and Bim was inclined to agree.  

“H-hey, it’s alright guys.  Maybe we could try another ti-”

Before Bim could finish his sentence, the planchet began to move and the twins’ faces lit up in curiosity and amazement, this however, unsettled Bim extremely.  Their Aunt, who was never around to care for them and never wanted them in the first place, had always warned them not to mess with the spirit world, mostly because you never know what could come through.

One of the twins read out the letters the planchet traveled to.  “H-E-L-L-O-M-Y-N-A-M-E-I-S-D-A-R-K-I-P-L-I-E-R”

Suddenly, a loud knock came from the front door, making all three of them jump.  One of the twins ran over to the door before Bim told him not to answer the door, his parents used to tell him not to answer the door to strangers.  The door was swung open b the eight year old and he was met with a tall, grey man in a nice suit.

Jim gave the man a warm smile, his child innocence not seeing the danger in opening the door to a strange man in the middle of the night.  The mysterious man crouched down to Jim’s level and smirked at the bubbly child.

“Hello.” the man said, his voice was calm and had a slight echo to it, the voice caused Jim to relax a little bit.  “Who are you, little one?”

“Hello mister!  My name is Jim and I’m eight years old!  Why are you dressed all fancy?  I thought adults didn’t like Halloween, Auntie Camille doesn’t, that’s why we aren’t dressed up!”  He babbled, this amused the man, children shared too much.

“Jim, go to the living room with your brother, now please!” Bim called, rushing over to the front door, moving Jim aside and looking at the man, making sure Jim and Jim were both out of earshot.

“I’m sorry mister, but my parents are upstairs and they told me not to talk to strangers.” Said Bim, trying to sound confident so he could try and regain some.

The man stood up and Bim was trying not to shake in fear, he lied that there were any adults in the house and Bim was a skinny fourteen year old, he couldn’t face a full grown man.

“Bim Trimmer, oh how you are amusing, an anxiety ridden teen with twin brothers, both named Jim and parents who have been dead for almost six years.  Then your aunt who was forced to take you in, but she’s never around.” Said the man, “Am I correct?”

All the colour drained from Bim’s face, who the hell was this man?  What did he want?  These were all questions Bim wanted to ask, but couldn’t manage to force the words out of his throat.

The twins came up behind Bim, holding each other closely.  They looked up at their brother and one of them asked, “Bim, who is he?”

Instead of Bim answering, the man did. “My name is Darkiplier, but please call me Dark.  Your aunt sent me to take you three to a new home, my home.”

The Jims immediately trusted him after he said that their aunt had sent him, Dark knew this was a lie, their aunt was an alcoholic with a gambling problem who was never around to care for the three of them.  The twins bounced out the door and Bim ran after them, making sure to grab his pocket knife before he left.

Dark walked over to the three boys and they were now in a different location.  In front of them was an old mansion with a massive garden, decorated with roses, hydrangeas and the likes.  Bim appreciated the garden work, but was still terrified out of his mind for his oblivious brothers and for the fact that the man who had taken them here was in fact the name spelled out on the ouija board.

The four of them approached the front doors, Bim making sure that him and the twins stood a good distance away from Dark.  Dark reached for the door handle, but never got to open it since a bloody and bruised man burst through them, panting heavily and having fear etched in his face.

“Help me!” he screamed, Dark didn’t seem bothered by this, but Bim covered the twins’ eyes.

A gunshot rang out and the screaming man dropped to the ground, a pool of blood forming around his corpse.  In the doorway stood another man, he looked similar to Dark except for the pink hair and moustache, along with absurdly coloured clothes.  He twirled a silver in his hands as he descended the stairs.

Dark sighed heavily, “Wil, why couldn’t you just use the basement?  They have less of a chance of escaping if you do.”

Wil pouted, “Aw, but Dark dearest, the Author was using the basement and threatened to pull my eyes out my sockets if I bothered him!”

Wil then focused his attention on the three terrified children behind Dark, he looked delighted, which terrified Bim even further.  What the hell have we been brought into?

“Welp!  Looks like you got another three over there!”

👻The Shepards Childhood Halloween Headcanons👻

- When Tim was like 8 he became obsessed with the history behind Halloween
- He would not call it Halloween it was Hollows Eve - He loved the story of Sleepy Hollow
- The headless horsemen was his favorite thing ever
- He begged his parents to buy him a horse for like 3 years straight
- Angela was obsessed with witches
- The Salem witch trials was her shit
- She went trick or treating as a witch every year
- She also casually dressed as witch everyday so
- Her mom bought her a spellbook for her 10th birthday
- It’s sitting on her seat to this day - She only ever actually tried one spell though
- In 7th grade she tried to make a love potion and gave it to her crush
- It didn’t work and she was very disappointed
- Curly loves to scare tf out of everyone
- Tim and Angela spend every second of October convincing themselves not to murder their younger brother
- Pranks are his shit too
- He once wore a bald cap and had everyone convinced he shaved his head
- Angela wanted to beat tf out of him
- She was so relieved when she found out he still had his beautiful tuff curls
- Tim didn’t give af
- Curly was mad that Tim didn’t give af