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the tyrell brothers

*peter mooney as willas, ben lamb as garlan, luke treadaway as loras

“Andrew doesn’t respond, of course not.  Instead, he pushes Nathaniel’s hood off, and in a move that reminds him of that January, slowly pulls away the bandages on his face, like checking to see if the scars are there.  They are, of course, mirrored on Andrew’s own face.” - Now I’m Covered in the Colours by @neilexysts

Make Them Choke -- Binding Curse

This is a curse I’d recommend using against abusers or people threatening you, less of a ‘learn your lesson’ curse and more of a ‘revenge and power’ curse. 

Make a poppet or effigy, out of cloth, paper, clay, etc. Design it to their likes, and add a taglock  such as DNA matter (fingernails, hair, etc), or a photograph, or signature. Put an X over the mouth.


  • rhubarb leaves
  • daffodil flower
  • black string
  • container of dirt or easily dug up ground

If your poppet is made of cloth or is otherwise hollow, you can stuff it with your plant matter. This is the preferred method. Otherwise, do the following:

Take your poppet and your plant matter, and your string. Bundle it all up, and wrap the string around it so that the leaves and flower are tied up with your poppet. Imagine you’re choking your target out, wrapping the string around their neck. They cannot speak, they cannot scream at you, they are helpless. They are bound. 

If the ground is soft enough, go outside and bury the poppet (preferably away from your home). If not, you can bury it in a plant pot or other container full of dirt. As you bury it, envision your target feeling trapped and strangled. Their afraid and they don’t know why, panicked. You have this power over them. 

If you need to undo the curse, you may unbury your poppet. They can breathe again, the panic ebbs and they feel light and free, but knowing that one wrong step could land them back in the dirt. 

Grace Abigail “Abbie” Mills. You were a fascinating, complex, three-dimensional protagonist portrayed by a wonderful actress (Nicole Beharie) who gave you depth, wit, and looked bomb in a leather jacket. You were a Lieutenant in title, but a Captain by reputation. This one’s for you: 

And for the Sleepy Hollow Team, Fox Executives, and/or Whoever Was Responsible For The Sidelining Of This Black Female Leading Character: LOL, we all kind of new y’all wasn’t shit, but wow. Sleepy Hollow is a case study for the kind of fuckery that results from both a creative and executive team that had no clue why people tuned in to watch every week, if people even remember it enough for it to become a cautionary tale. Honestly, whenever this show comes up, it’s referred to as “That Show That Had A Really Good First Season, But I Stopped Watching After Season 2 Because…”