hollow house


The white fog creeps from the cold sea over the city,
Over the pale grey tumbled towers,—
And settles among the roofs, the pale grey walls.
Along damp sinuous streets it crawls,
Curls like a dream among the motionless trees
And seems to freeze.

The House Of Dust - Conrad Aiken

Okay but like, just consider:

-Jess opens up a publishing house in Stars Hollow for the Aesthetic
-And the town still basically hates him but
-Rory visits every time she comes back to town
-And they’re just friends
-They swear
-Only somehow they end up being really great friends?
-And they never really go for it again because they have a good thing going
-Jess doesn’t hold back when he thinks she’s going off the rails
-But he’s still her biggest goddamn cheerleader in the whole world
-Like, maybe Lorelai beats him out on the title?
-But he’s behind the scenes making sure she knows she can do whatever the fuck she wants
-And Luke cannot understand why in the world Jess would make a home in Stars Hollow
-And Jess never really tells him exactly why
-But it’s mostly because he wants to be close to Luke
-Rory being around is just the icing on the cake
-“Luke, do you understand how well this place suits me? I get to be the weird loner guy-” “Wait, no, we already have one of those, I think he trademarked it.” “-and people leave me alone, and this place is a MADE UP PLACE no one believes me when I talk about it-.” “You voluntarily talk to people?” “Luke I sell things for a living. The point is Stars Hollow is so ridiculous people want to buy books from me like this is Greenwich Village in the fifties.” “I don’t understand that reference.”
-And like, Jess and Lorelai come to a truce. And they’re not great friends or anything, but sometimes when Luke drags him to town meetings he and Lorelai sit on either side of Luke and talk under their breath the whole time and a few times they make each other laugh
-Luke pretends not to be overjoyed
-Jess having a family
-Jess being moderately happy in Stars Hollow
-Jess having a group of friends who wander into Stars Hollow every so often to talk and write and be weird and artsy together and mystified by this town
-And Jess and Rory having drinks and talking about their lives and just supporting the shit out of each other

writing prompts #33
  • Our first kiss tasted like a desperation and cigarettes
  • The sign over the bar flashed his name, where it once read ‘open’
  • She woke in the middle of a empty living room with a bite mark on her finger. 
  • “Have you had breakfast yet?”
    “Coffee doesn’t count as proper breakfast.”
    “Then no.“
  • She loved to start fights. I swear she grew up at least one cracked rib all times
  • She worked, she slept, and she walked like a hollow ghost around the house until Michael came over at three and brought her food and caffeine

its so confusing how people can dislike milk!!!!!! how people dont drink milk from the carton!!!! how they dont replace all the objects in their house with hollow glass moulds of the objects and fill them with milk!!!! how they dont smash them all and swim in the milk and shattered glass!!!! some people are so weird right milk drinkers!?!


*Downtown Windenburg*

“So, you’re leaving me, huh?”

“I just think it’s time I pushed myself to try some new things.  I have a friend and we’re talking about going into business together.”

“You are a highly skilled electrician.  Your work on the Forgotten Hollows house was top notch - say, did you hear that place is up for sale?  We spend all that time fixing it up and now the owner is selling it.”

“…is it?”

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