hollow guitar

Harry tapped the hollow body of the guitar, strummed and tapped the body again like it was a drum. Louis mimicked the beat with his hand on his thigh. And then Harry started to sing. Long Road Out, an original by Harry Styles.

You’re too far away and I need you closer

It was evident that this song had been birthed out of nights of loneliness and frustration.

Too hard to find and I’ve looked all over

It was a melody of a broken heart, an opus of pain, a ballad of healing, or a combination of all three. It progressed and changed as it hit the chorus a second time. The strumming picked up and grew happier, hopeful.

So take me as you find me now
We can get away from here

Written solely for Louis and meant only for him to hear.

Let’s just take the long road out
We can get away from here

Their eyes locked when Harry sung and when his voice broke on the last turn of the chorus, his eyes flickered away and slipped shut. He sang out, strummed, beat on his guitar, and brought the song to a fading end.

Let’s just take the long road out
Take me far away from here…

To the Ends of the Earth by @stylinsoncity

During a yearlong hiatus, Louis visits Harry at his new cabin in Idaho, where long-buried feelings ignite like the fire keeping them warm.

For the @1dbigbang.


When I go on a road trip I always bring a guitar.  But not one of my expensive ones…that would just be dumb.  If it got stolen or damaged or broken I would be very unhappy.  Instead, I went out and bought this 2014 Epiphone Casino Coupe last year for 500 bucks (Canadian) and it has made the perfect inexpensive travel guitar.  light as all get out (fully hollow), and 339-sized, it is easy to carry around on the road.  It also plays and sounds surprisingly well considering how cheap it was.  And if it I lose it or it gets broken on the road, no biggie! 

Here are various shots of it on the road during my trip to Nazareth and Gettysburg Pennsylvania.  PS:  the big apple is in Canada…they sell (you guessed it…) apple pies!


Guitar shopping at Cosmo Music of Richmond Hill, near Toronto (Canada):

  1. Multiple Custom Shop Stratocasters
  2. Heavy Relic Custom Telecaster - perhaps the lightest (non-Thinline) Tele I have ever held.  6 lbs, max!
  3. Dig the latest Relic technique…that ash is not just exposed - it’s FILTHY!  Looks great!
  4. Awesome FSR Fender Deluxe Amp.  The finish is bare pine that has been stained a deep brown.  It even has visible knots in it!  :D
  5. FSR Aztec Gold AVRI Stratocaster.
  6. I love the new Gibson ES-Les Paul hollow body guitars.  So like.  So pretty.  (PS: this shot was taken at a different store that day - not Cosmo Music)
  7. Perhaps the last of the “Select” Telecasters we will ever see new?  They have been discontinued.