hollow 15

I am litterally laughing right now, omg. I’m re-reading aftg, primarly anything revolving around Renee for the fic I’m currently writing, and also to get a better grasp on the prose. I’m currently on tfc when this scene popped up:

Neil meant to say no, but what came out was, “Why does Kevin trust Andrew?”

Renee smiled. “Because he knows he can.”

“With so much at stake,” Neil pressed, as if she didn’t understand what was going on as well as he did. Maybe she didn’t. Maybe she couldn’t understand what Kevin was risking and what he would face if Andrew failed. She wasn’t like them. She was normal, or as normal as the Foxes could hope to be. Gangs and blood feuds were things out of movies. Neil hated that she couldn’t understand, but he hated more that he did. “With so much at stake he honestly thinks Andrew is enough?”

Renee held out her hand to him. “Neil,” she said, so gently he wondered if she’d even heard him. “Neil, please wait for us.”

“No,” Neil said, taking a step back. “I know the way. Thank you.”

And by laughing, I meant crying. 

But yeah, Neil, there’s a reason Renee unsettles you, maybe you want to think about why that is? (well, he gets told by Renee later, but u know.) But he hated more that he [understood]. …I’m not crying, you are.

I wonder if Renee felt any kinship with Neil from the beginning? Like, did she find him unsettling? Did she feel like she could connect to him somehow? I mean, other than the way i think she just feel empathy for any bleeding souls, I guess. But like, did she think there might be points in their pasts that were similar?

I guess it’s my job to kinda answer that, but man. The more I read about her in the books and how gentle she is, the more I figure I have some work cut out for me.


Love Me Dead: A Dio/Kakyoin mix

| 1. Centuries - Fall Out Boy | 2. Breath of Life - Florence + The Machine | 3. Ezekiel’s Son - O. Children | 4. Sometimes They Come Back - Schoolyard Heroes | 5. The Hand That Feeds - Nine Inch Nails | 6. Judas - Depeche Mode | 7. Be My Slave - Colony 5 | 8. Torture - The Cure | 9. Remember Me - The Birthday Massacre | 10. The Switch - Blaqk Audio | 11. This Shit Will Fuck You Up - Combichrist | 12. Please - Nine Inch Nails | 13. Symmetry - Little Boots | 14. This Hollow World - Johnny Hollow | 15. Straight Through The Heart - Dio | 16. Love Me Dead - Ludo

Big thank you to actualanimevillain for helping out with the tracklist!

i n v o c a t i on

“demons are like obedient dogs. they come when they are called.”

1. bela lugosi’s dead - BAUHAUS  ≡  2. monster - MEG & DIA [DOTEXE]  ≡ 3.  corrupt - DEPECHE MODE  ≡  4. bad moon rising - MOURNING RITUAL  ≡  5. girl i love you - MASSIVE ATTACK  ≡  6. mein teil - RAMMSTEIN  ≡  7. come with me now - KONGOS  ≡  8. corset theme - PSG OST  ≡  9. venari strigas - PMMM OST  ≡  10. blood - HENSON  ≡  11. wolf drawn - EMANCIPATOR  ≡  12. maneater - BLUE EYED BLONDES  ≡  13. hollow - CLOUDEATER  ≡  14. the greatest show unearthed - CREATURE FEATURE  ≡  15. hollow like my soul - EMILIE AUTUMN ≡ 16. heaven - DEPECHE MODE  


I figured since the Hiccup Sword I made did so well (19 notes, aw yus), I might as well post this as well. It went with my entire Hiccup cosplay outfit (which I still have), and was a combination of Book!Hiccup (The Slave Mark, the Endeavor, the Arm Band, and the helmet with the horn cut off which I suppose I should also post), and Movie!Hiccup (the green shirt, the fur vest, the boots, the pants with cross-stitching which I painstakingly sewed into a pair of green pants I had).

My dad really helped out with this one, providing me the idea to just buy a 15$ hollow plastic cotton-stuffed toy and then decapitate it, skin it, and cut off it’s tail for SCIENCE materials, and then just Goop it to a double copper insulated wire. I then used Killz on it (which gives it that rough look) and spray painted a lovely Gold over the whole thing. Then hand painted using Dimensional Fabric Paint the Ruby eyes. The purple fabric is just some soft fabric that I added on after because it hurt to wear without that.

5/24/17 - WOD

Workouts for this week are DONE. Looking forward to taking the next week off and giving my body an extended rest.

The pre-WOD was bench press 4x8. I was good at 40lb, then then I tried to go up to 45. I made one set of 8 at 45 and then got stuck under the bar after 5 reps on my last set.

When I read today’s WOD, I wrote it off as being easy mainly because it was short. Oh boy was I wrong. It was 16 grueling minutes, but I pushed myself through it. It was an EMOM so for 16 minutes we rotated between the following movements every minute on the minute.

- 10 calories row
- 8 burpees
- 20 hollow rocks
- 15 KB swings @ 12kg

I’ve been slacking on my 10 burpees / day because I noticed they were staring to take a toll on my knee. I might start that back up in June. I couldn’t do 8 burpees in a minute, so I dropped to five. Kettlebell swings and rowing I did fine, but hollow rocks were brutal. I can’t do a real hollow rock, but even my modified version felt like ab torture. It’s clear my core is really holding me back. Maybe instead of burpees I need to do daily planks or sit-ups instead.

for mulder & scully | during and after ‘i want to believe’ [listen]

for two renegades putting down roots, pausing after running for so long. fighting through the darkness that always hovers to build a home in one another, a home that is sometimes shaken but never broken. for the scratchy beard kisses, the quick moments of normalcy, and the weight of everything they don’t say and everything they’ve left behind.

01. Kingdom Come- The Civil Wars// 02. North- Sleeping at Last// 03. Depth Over Distance- Ben Howard// 04. Ghost Towns- Radical Face// 05. Start Again- Gabrielle Aplin// 06. I Know Places- Vance Joy// 07. All We Do- Oh Wonder// 08. Candles- Paola Bennet// 09. Drifting- Nate Eiesland// 10. Second Chances- Gregory Alan Isakov// 11. Resolve- Sleeping at Last// 12. Your Soul- Rhodes// 13. Welcome Home- Radical Face// 14. The Woods- Hollow Coves// 15. In the Devil’s Territory- Sufjan Stevens// 16. Landline- Greg Laswell (feat. Ingrid Michaelson)