The Weirdo in the Single

Here it is, the very, very belated Christmas present for @darfichihrenhundstreicheln.  A while back, we were talking about college Fiddauthor, and AUs where Fiddleford is Ford’s RA.  In particular, Holly thought the idea of Ford having to do an icebreaker was hilarious.  So, here it is: Ford having to do an icebreaker, because his RA, one Fiddleford McGucket, insisted.  I hope you like it, Holliver.

               Fiddleford looked around the crowded lounge, counting the people on his floor.  

               “Who’s not here?” he asked.

               “The weirdo in the single room hasn’t showed up,” someone said. Fiddleford frowned.

               “Don’t call yer floormates ‘weirdos’,” he scolded.  “Fer that, ya get to go fetch him.”  The rest of the freshmen in the room oohed at this.  The person who had spoken left the lounge, muttering darkly under his breath.

               “That’s an interesting accent,” one of the other freshmen said.  He had flaming red hair that reminded Fiddleford of his older sister.  “Are you from the south?”

               “Yep.  Here at Backupsmore, you’ll meet folks from all sortsa places,” Fiddleford replied cheerfully.

               “Where in the south are you from?  I’ve got an uncle who lives in Alabama.”

               “I ain’t from Alabama.  I’m from a small town called-”  Fiddleford was cut off by the sound of the door opening.  Everyone in the room focused on the two young men who entered. The “weirdo” made an immediate beeline for an isolated corner, while the person who had gotten him sat amidst a group of people.  

               That’s some top-notch juxtaposition there.  Betchya this “weirdo” is one hell of an introvert.  

               “All right, now that everybody’s here, we’re goin’ to do some introductions!” Fiddleford said cheerfully, clapping his hands and becoming the center of attention.  He beamed.  “Now, if’n ya hadn’t figured it out yet, I’m yer RA.  The name’s Fiddleford McGucket, but y’all can call me Fidds.  I’m from a lil backwater southern town that none of ya have heard of, have five siblings, and am an engineerin’ major with a double minor in chemistry and physics.”

               “Geez,” someone mumbled.  

               “Since I’ve introduced myself, we’re goin’ to go ‘round the room and everyone’ll do the same.  Tell us yer name, yer major, and anythin’ else ya might want to.  But,” he added, “we’re goin’ to make it a game.  That’s right, an icebreaker!  In addition to this basic introductory materials, use an adjective that begins with the same sound as yer name.  Then ya have to say the adjective and name fer every person what went ‘fore ya. Got it?”  Mumblings of affirmation passed through the room.  “Good!  I’ll start us off.  I’m Fiddleford McGucket, I’m an engineerin’ major, and back home I have a horse named Jesse.  Y’all can call me ‘Fit-as-a-fiddle Fiddleford’.”  He nodded at the person sitting next to him.  “Now you go.”

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