About as concise as I can make it without being obtuse.

a description of the general contruction of my Nui dress from the pattern I made

for kawaiilittle-shit and several others who asked 

and as before the DIY pattern cutting tutorial to get the bodice tight to your body is here:


;v; xxx

Me! Me! Me! Pattern draft

One of my next cosplays is going to be this. 
I have put all the info for it’s construction on the DA post (Which I hope is automatically linked)

I hope this proves useful to anyone who wants to do this cos as well… So if there’s anyone you know who wants to do it, let them know!

Also everytime I post a pattern draft I get sent a few messages of peoples progress and I’m not going to lie, it’s the best thing ever, It really makes sharing them with you worthwhile. So if you have any progress photos, just going to put it out there that I’d love to see them :3


Have a very messy Beta test transformation video of my Nui cos~

Still working on it, not quite finished as I need to fuse the wig, but meh…

patience is a virtue I do not possess