June 17, 2017

Top: American Apparel

Jeans: Hollister Co.

Shoes: Vans

Last night, my friends and I saw Myles Parrish on his very first solo tour and let me tell you, he still has such amazing stage presence. Although the venue was packed and virtually everyone in the concert hall was sweating buckets, we all still had the absolute best time just because Myles looked like he was having the best time himself on stage.

I’m really proud of both Myles and his music so I cannot wait to see what the years beyond have in store for him. Thank you for putting on one fun show, MyMy!


Ok one more time, An inhollisteronly devotee is not one who just follows. It is not the one who has an untitled headline when you open their blog either. An inhollisteronlydevotee is one who is solely devoted to me. There is nothing on their blog but pics of my ass in hollister, AE and maybe some levis jeans. When I post something, they know right away to repost it on their blog. A devotee also does plenty of pulling their tool to my pics as well. If your not a devotee, pics of panties or my cum stained jeans (i love when guys cum on my jeans)will not come your way. Those stay between my devotees and I