plights of being a hollister employee.

Though I do believe that this list may also be applicable to other members of the Aberfamily.

  • Hollister “model” = glorified clothes folder. It’s definitely not as prestigious as it sounds…
  • Mini board folding… Please tell me that I’m not the only one that hates the mini board.
  • Size stickers. Everywhere. Except on the clothes that you’re supposed to be stickering, of course.
  • Sensors. De-sensoring. Re-sensoring. Finding sensors. Sensors that ruin your pile of perfectly-folded tees. It all sucks.
  • myAnF. There’s no point to this. It’s easier to just change your availability/ print your schedule in store.
  • When you finally feel close to a co-worker or manager, they leave
  • When your manager is late opening the store so you just sit outside looking like a lost puppy
  • Closing shifts that never end when they’re supposed to
  • Waiting to be walked out. (If I had known that you would take this long, I would have waited to clock out.)
  • Walking outside after work (OMG! Is that… the light?!)
  • Boosters
  • Bulk buyers and re-sellers
  • Toe cramps from wearing flip-flops all day
  • Flip-flops. All day. E'er day… even in the winter. (No, I’m not weather confused; I just work at Hollister.)
  • Corny tag-lines (“Welcome to the pier?” Seriously, what pier?!)
  • That look that people give you as you deliver the tagline
  • When flocks of pre-teen girls come in.
  • Aberdrama. What did you think would happen when you stick a bunch of teenagers together in this type of environment? Seriously, we should get our own reality TV show.
  • “Today at Hollister” (Thanks Hollister. I never knew that my fifth sense was “energy.” (Refer to previous post))
  • Visits from the DM and/or RM
  • How your managers freaks out about getting visits from the DM and/or RM
  • Getting quizzed by the DM and/or RM
  • Getting homework from the DM and/or RM (Inclusion essay, anyone?)
  • Cleaning the stupid plant
  • Dressing the stupid mannequin
  • Trying to tie a “perky” bow
  • Being stuck in Bettys 3 all shift… or worse yet, Bettys 1.
  • When Bettys 1 is already all neat and folded, so you stand there doing nothing. Manager walks in and thinks you’re slacking.
  • 15 minute breaks.
  • The jean wall.
  • Having your hands turn blue from folding jeans all day.
  • Go-back bins.
  • Losing the fitting room keys. All five of them. (And they’re probably in the go-back bins.)
  • Misplacing your card because all of the associates cards look the same. And no, black sharpie is not visible on the dark grey card, especially not in this lighting.
  • The build up of receipts that you get from clocking in/ clocking out.
  • Call-ins. ‘Nuff said.

Don’t get me wrong; I love my job, but sometimes being a Hollister “model” is not as glamorous as it sounds. So, what aspects about being an employee for The Company do you dislike?