hollister sweats

Nate imagine


You and Nate had been dating for a little less than a year now. You moved to Omaha with your best friend and had somehow ended up with that loser. You had been staying at his house the past week cause your roommate was out of town and you hated staying by yourself. The guys were coming over for pizza and just a super chill night.

“Damn, lil mama. If you’re gonna wear that, I might have to call the boys and cancel,” Nate said admiring your navy Hollister sweat shorts and grey v-neck. Your make up was worn all day and coming off and your hair was still pretty straight, but none of it mattered to Nate. He loved you all dolled up or all dressed down. You rolled your eyes and smirked. “It’s too late now, they’ll be here any minute.” Just like that, the door swung open and Sam, Jack J, and Jack G walked it. “It doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun later,” he said under his breath before going to greet the guys.
They all said their heys and what’s ups and sat on the couch.
You walked in and sat on Nate’s lap.
“Hey y/n…” Sam said and trailed off looking you up and down. Your ass always looked fabulous in those shorts and that top made your boobs look outstanding.
“Hey!” the Jacks said at the same time and stood up and hugged you. Sammy was always a bit more lustful for the ladies than those two, but you did notice them staring at your top after you sat down.
“What movie do y'all wanna watch?” you asked.
“What about Ted?” Gilinsky asked.
“No… something scary like Nightmare on Elm Street,” Johnson opposed.
“If y'all don’t pick I’m putting on Frozen and we will all sit here and watch it and sing to it,” you said seriously looking at them all.
“Let’s watch I Love You Man. We all like it and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna watch Frozen with her ever again,” Sam said standing up and putting it in. He knows how I roll when they become indecisive.

The movie starts and the lights were off, the Jacks are on the love seat, Sam is one end of the couch and you are on Nate’s lap on the other. You grabbed your blanket you had on the floor and threw it over you. You started kissing on Nate’s neck. He let out a little involuntary moan and shifted in his seat.
“Dirty girl, making me hard in front of the boys,” he whispered into your ear. You smirked. You started palming him through his sweats. He bit his lip and grabbed your hand making you stop. “Uh uh, my turn,” he said. You raised your eyebrow wondering what he would do. He then started rubbing you through your shorts causing you to moan. You both stopped to see if anyone noticed. Sammy smirked but he looked too into the movie to notice.

“Hey, I’ll be right back. I’m gonna go throw on some pants. I’m kinda chilly,” you said loud enough for all to hear and looked at Nate. He smiled and not a minute later followed you.
You got into his room and he slammed the door shut.
“Making daddy moan in front of his friends is very very bad. Do you know what happens to bad girls?”
“They get punished,” you said smirking.
“Strip and bend over the side of the bed,” he demanded. You took off your shorts and shirt revealing a black lace bra and little cheeky underwear. He bit his lip. You took those off and bent over like he asked. He stood behind you and smacked your ass. “One for wearing that little outfit you know I like.” Again. “Two, for making me moan in front of my friends.” Again. “And Three for making me so incredibly fucking hard.” He flipped you over and attacked your neck. He knew your sweet spot. He kissed all the way down your body until he hit your heat. He started circling his tongue around your clit, and just as you were about to cum stopped. “Please daddy I need you,” you said begging him to let you finish. He stripped off his pants and slammed into you. “Oh fuck” you yelled from pain and pleasure. “God baby your so tight” Nate moaned out. He started pumping in and out. “Faster” you moaned. God he felt so good. You could feel the pleasure building up. “Oh fuck Nate I’m gonna cum ” “Me too baby” and you both came together. You left scratch marks down his back. God he was so fucking good.
You both got up and got dressed. You put your hair in a pony and fixed your makeup before going back down. When you went downstairs, the movie was off and the boys started clapping.
“Oh fuck Daddy” sammy started imitating as he humped the couch.
“Ohh fuck” Johnson said as he fake moaned.
Gilinsky was laughing too hard to follow suit.
“Hey at least I’m getting some, unlike you assholes who are sitting in my house on a Saturday night laughing on my couch cause your boy has the finest girl in Omaha,” Nate smiled and pulled you in for a kiss. The laughing stopped and it went silent for a minute.
“So, since nobody wants to watch this movie. I guess it’s time to watch Frozen. You know the rules. You must watch it all. You must sing a long,” you smiled switching the movie.
“God damn it,” you heard them all say.
“Now you made this choice by choosing to listen to us having sex rather than minding your own damn business,” you sassed at them and sat on the couch. You all fell asleep before the movie was over, but it was the principle that counted.

The end. I hope it was okay. It’s the first smut or real imagine I’ve ever written. Any feedback is appreciated.

Chapter 32: Breaking Point


Shock. Anger. Confusion. Sadness.

All the emotions I was feeling at once. Imagine watching the love of your life, your older brother, and your friend be taken away in handcuffs, for God knows why. So many questions traveled around my head.

What did they do?

Why did they do it?

What if they’re innocent?


What if it has something to do with me?

I swallowed hard at the thought. My past……… no, Karrueche. It can’t be. This is all over. It has to be. Big Daddy got his revenge by killing my child. It should be over. Right?

I was so deep in my thoughts until I felt Angel move beside me. What makes this even more sad is that my daughter can sense something’s wrong. Instead of putting her in her crib, Chris would put her in the middle of the bed and he’ll lay on her left side and I’d lay on the right. Angel can sense the emptyness of the left side. She may only be 8 months, but she’s not dumb. She can feel it when her daddy is not here.

She suddenly erupted into cries and I picked her up.

“Aww Angie. It’s ok. Mama’s here.” I bounced her up and down.

I led her to the kitchen and held her as I prepared her bottle. Usually, Chris would come help me no matter how many times I told him I got it. That’s why Angel’s grown so much of an attraction to him.

I fed her the bottle and burped her. To prevent her from crying again, I set her down and pulled out a photo of Chris. She took it and kept it in her hands. I picked her up and placed her in her crib. She fussed a little but eventually fell asleep. I quietly left the room closing the door. I slid down the door with my face in my hands. Just when life’s going great for once, everything starts falling apart. I closed my eyes and replayed today’s events in my head. Instagrammed a picture of Angie. Angie says her first word, Dada. We argue over who she looks like, which is me by the way. Chris, Ty, and Mijo get arrested. My eyes popped open. Wait a minute, they didn’t read them their rights! I stood up unlocking my phone. 9:39 P.M. They got arrested two hours ago. Mark said he was gonna call but fuck that.

“Mark?” I questioned when he picked up.

“Karrueche? I told you I was going to call.” Mark informed me.

I rolled my eyes walking away from Angel’s door so I don’t wake her.

“Yeah I know but this is important.”

“What is it?”

I sighed. “The policemen that arrested them didn’t read them their Miranda rights!”

“Wow, are you sure?” Mark asked me.

“Yes I’m sure! I was there the whole time!” I breathed.

“Ok, calm down. Maybe we can figure something out.” He replied.

“What did they get arrested for?”


“Mark, please tell me.” I used a sad voice so I can get my way.

He sighed. “They’re accused of gang raping an underage girl in Palm Springs.”

“WHAT?!” I shouted. “They would never do something like that! Who’s the bitch who said that! Someone’s getting fucked up! I need an name, an address, hell just give me the name and I’ll find the bitch!”

“Karrueche, please calm down. I know this is a lot and you’re hurt, confused, frustracted, etc. but calm down. The worst you can do right now is act upon your emotions.” Mark told me.

I blew air out of my mouth. “You’re right…..”

“Yes I am. You’re just like Chris. Both of you are Short-tempered.”

I laughed and then sighed. “Make sure to keep me informed, ok?”

“You know I will. You need to get some sleep. Its been a long day. Their trial is tomorrow by the way.”

“Ok thanks.” I hung up the phone and made my way to the bedroom.

The next day, Kim and Seiko came over so we can get ready for the guys’ trial. They both seem so sad and I went over to them.

“Come on, guys. We gotta be positive. You guys know they didn’t rape some girl in Palm Springs.” I stated.

“Yeah but we never got a chance to talk about our problems before they locked them away.” Seiko admitted.

“What? After I told you guys you have to communicate with them?” I put my hands on my hips.

“Please Kae. What does your stubborn ass know about communication?” Kim laughed and so did Seiko.

“My stubborn ass knows a lot about communication. That’s why I got the ring and you bitches didn’t.” I smiled mockingly as I did the Beyoncé wave flashing my ring.

They narrowed their eyes. “Bitch.”

“You love this bitch though!” I sang and turned around. “Now if you excuse me, I have to get my baby.”

I walked into Angie’s room and my heart dropped. She wasn’t in her crib. Oh my God. Beads of sweat emerged from the surface of my forehead as I ran out the room. I ran in another room. No sign of my baby. I bumped into Seiko.

“Kae, what’s wrong?”

I swallowed hard. “I can’t find Angelina! She’s gone! Where’s my baby?!?!??!”

“Kae, calm down.” Seiko commanded in a soothing voice.

“Don’t tell me to fucking calm down! My baby is missing!” I ran back into Angie’s room. I found a note in her crib and it read:

You thought it was over, Rue. But it just began…..

I grabbed the vase and threw at the wall in anger. You fuck with me, I hurt you. But fuck with my child? That’s when I kill you. I put my hair in a high ponytail and changed into a white t-shirt, Hollister capri sweats, and my white air force 1’s. I got my glock out of my closet and placed it in the waistband of my sweats.

“Kae, what’s going on?” Kim asked me.

“You guys go to the court date without me. Tell them I love them and I’m sorry.” I clenched my fists. “I gotta go.”

“Kae, where are you going? I’m coming with you.” Kim started to follow but I stopped her.

“No! I’m not gonna put your lives in any more danger! This is something I need to handle myself.” I got inside my Porsche and drove off.

I’ve reached my breaking point. You’re fucking dead.


External image

“Fuck Grace.” I grunted as my dick hit the back of her throat.

“You like that, daddy?” She questioned going back down again.

She kept deep throating a nigga and i got a grip on her hair. Grace’s head game was the shit. I know we’re supposed to be friends with benefits, but I’m actually growing feelings for her. It’s not just the bomb sex. She’s beautiful, sexy, and smart. My kind of bitch.

I released inside her mouth and with no hesistation, she swallowed my seed. She got up and I grabbed her arm.

“Girl, where are you going? What about round 2?” I bit my lip.

“You’ll get that, Daddy. Just let me wash up.” She winked.

I smacked her ass and she went into the bathroom. Grace is gonna take forever in the bathroom, so I threw on some clothes and traveled downstairs to get a snack. I heard pounding at my door.

“Who is it?” I snarled.

“Thomas, open the door! I need to talk to you!” A familiar voice replied.

I opened the door. “Rue?”

I felt a sharp pain on my chest and fell backwards.

“What the fuck?!” I grumbled in pain. This bitch kicked my chest.

Rue placed her foot firmly on top of my chest and pointed a glock in my face.

“Where’s my Angel?!” She screamed.

“Who the fuck is that?” I grunted.

She reached down and punched me. “Don’t play stupid! Where’s my daughter?”

I grabbed her ankle throwing her onto the floor. As I got up, she got up too.

“Where the fuck is my baby?!” She yelled.

“Rue, nobody has your damn kid! What the fuck is wrong with you?” I questioned.

Kae lowered the gun. “You wanna know what’s wrong? My fiance is in jail, my daughter is missing, Big Daddy is somewhere out there and I’m standing in front of the asshole who raped and abused me!”

“Ok you got a sad life but I didn’t take your fucking daughter! You got a lot of nerve!” I shouted.

She calmed down. “Then where is she?”

“I don’t know. You crazy ass bitch.” I snapped.

“You haven’t fucking seen crazy.” She spat. “Big Daddy must’ve took her.”

My eyes widened. “He’s back?”

Kae squinted her eyes. “Don’t act like you didn’t fucking know.”

“I didn’t! Shit, he must be after me too.” I thought aloud.

“I honestly don’t give a fuck. Go back to being the sad, sick douche bag you are, Thomas.” Kae roared with a burning fire in her eyes and left.

Fuck, if that nigga is back, he’s coming for me too. Shit, he’s gonna hurt Grace too. Grace appeared before me with just a towel on.

“I’m ready for round 2, daddy.” She looked at my face. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I have to go deal with something.” I grabbed my keys and headed out the door.


I watched as Kae drove off in her Porsche. This is fucking crazy. Instead of calling the police, she’s gonna put herself in danger too?

“Where did Kae go?” Seiko came up to me..

“She kinda left.” I answered.

Seiko’s eyes widened. “What?! What do you mean she left?!”

“I mean she’s not here.” I looked at her. “Must I put it in a different language for you?”

Seiko groaned loudly. “The trial started 5 minutes ago! We’re late!”

“Fine. Let’s go.”

We walked towards Seiko but then I stopped.

“What?!” Seiko gritted out.

“We gotta lock their doors, Sei.” I told her.

“Ugh fine.”

We locked their doors and began to approach the car when it exploded. Seiko and I dove to the ground as the car burst into yellow-orange flames. We looked at each other in surprise and fear. What the fuck?

“Did my motherfucking car just blow up?!??!” Seiko screeched.

I nodded. “We gotta get to the courtroom and fast.”


Shock. Anger. Confusion. Sadness.

All the emotions I was feeling at once. Imagine being taken away from the love of your life and your child. Right in front of them, for God knows why. I never want Kae and my baby girl to see me in that kind of situation. Even though Angel is a baby, she can sense something’s up. By the look of Kae’s face as they took me away, I can tell she was heartbroken. Breaking my baby’s heart breaks my heart.

The police car pulled up to the station and the policemen pulled us. They took our cellphones, did mugshots, etc. They put us in a cell with a bunch of other guys.

“This is some bullshit!” Ty yelled. “We didn’t do shit! We were in Palm Springs the whole week!”

“Apparently, it’s something that happened in Palm Springs.” Mijo told Ty.

“What?! We didn’t do shit in Palm Springs!” Ty snapped.

“Which is why you should shut the hell up.” I commented with my arms folded against the wall.

“Nigga, why the fuck are you so calm?” Mijo inquired.

“Because like Ty said, we didn’t do shit. All this must be a huge misunderstanding.” I responded walking up to them. “And I got on the phone with Mark and he’s coming. So calm down and be positive.”

Ty squinted. “You sound just like Kae.”

I shrugged my shoulders in response and walked to the front of the cell. Mark appeared before me and I smiled.


“Chris, what happened in Palm Springs?” Mark questioned as Mijo and Ty came beside me.

“Nothing!” Ty answered for me.

Mark blew air out of his mouth. “Well apparently, you three gang raped a 16 year old girl.”

“WHAT?!” We yelled in unison.

“This is some bullshit!” Ty repeated over and over again.

“First of all, I wouldn’t need to rape a girl. She’ll give her pussy away willingly.” Mijo stated. “But I wouldn’t have sex with a 16 year old! And I have a girlfriend so why would I need to?”

“I don’t know-” Mark’s phone started to ring. “Hold on, it’s Karrueche.”

“Let me talk to her.” I demanded but he swerved me picking up the phoneand walking away.this motherfucker. I waited until he came back.

“Ok so that was Karrueche-”

“We know.” We cut him off.

Mark continued. “Anyway, she says you guys weren’t read your rights.”

We all thought about it and she’s right.

“Oh shit! We weren’t read our rights! My baby sis came through!” Ty cheesed.

I smiled. Yes she did. Damn, when I get home, we’re not leaving that bedroom. I guarentee that.

Mark left and we had to spend the night in jail. We were brought to the courtroom aand didn’t see the girls anywhere. It began and Kim and Seiko came bursting through the door.

“We apologize.” They said sitting down.

I mouthed to them “Where’s Kae?” But they refused to acknowledge me. I stared straight shrugging it off.


“Due to lack of evidence, we the jury find Christopher Brown, Michael Stevenson, and Barry Bradford not guilty.”

The judge pounded the gavel. “Ok. Case dismissed.”

We thanked Mark and exited the courtroom getting into the Range Rover with the girls.

“So where’s Kae?” I questioned looking at both of them and they avoided my eyes.

“She’s somewhere.” Kim replied.

“Where?” I urged.

Seiko sighed. “We don’t know. Happy?”

I furrowed my eyebrows. “No I’m not. What happened.”

“You see, it’s a really funny story. Y’all are gonna laugh.” Kim started laughing.

All of us shot her a glare.

She stopped. “Oh so we’re not laughing now?”

“Baby, what happened?” Ty held her hand.

Kim sighed. “So, long story short, Angel got kidnapped and Kae went looking for the people who took her. Oh shit, y’all got Cheetos in here!”

“WHAT?!?!?!” We yelled in unison.

“Y’all didn’t know you had Cheetos? You guys are slowwwwww.” Kim stuffed Cheetos in her mouth.

“Girl, ain’t nobody talking about the damn Cheetos! Angie got kidnapped??!!?! And Kae went after her?!?!” I yelled.

“Yeah.” Kim answered timidly. “And when she left, she was pretty pissed.”

“Of course. Chris and Kae are exactly alike. Never think. Always gotta act on impulse.” Ty shook his head.

Kim’s eyes widened. “I know where she went. Pat, take a right!”

Pat followed Kim’s instructions and we pulled up to an abandoned warehouse. It looked familiar. I heard a gunshot and my heart dropped.

“KARRUECHE!” I ran towards the entrance.

“See what I mean? Always gotta act on impulse!” Ty scolded as he ran behind me.

I burst through the doors to see a bunch of people including Kae shooting and hiding behind furniture.

“Chris, what are you doing here!” She screamed.

“What are you doing here?” I questioned running up to her.

“Chris, please leave! I’m trying to protect you!”