hollister dress

Preference #33--Protective (request)

Riker: You and your boyfriend were out at the mall. You had gone into Hollister and found a dress with cutouts that you HAD to have.
You went to try it on and when you came out to show Riker, there was another guy there. He looked you up and down and smiled and nodded.
Riker: “Babe go change. Come on.” You could see the emotion on his face change and you nodded.
Riker; “Don’t look at my girl like that.” He said to the other guy “Ever.” He finished his sentence.

Ellington: You had gone out as a group after a concert. You and Rydel had gone off the dance because then boys didn’t want to.
Out of nowhere, a guy came up behind you and started grinding against you.
Ellington saw and walked over to you. He put an arm around your shoulders and led you away, looking back and giving the guy a glare.

Rocky: You were over the Lynch house and all the boys were playing a video game and you were sitting on the floor by Rocky’s feet.
Ryland: “Hey [Y/N], I never noticed how hot you are!”
Rocky: “HEY! Ryland! That’s my girlfriend. Stop looking down her shirt would ya?!”
Ryland: “Sorry…she’s just really hot!”
Rocky: “Ryland, stop! She’s not one of your videos. Stop looking at her.”

Ross: You had gone to a party with your boyfriend for the wrap of his new movie. When you got there, a lot of people were looking at you because of your form fitting dress.
Ross went off for a minute to talk to someone and right away, someone else swooped in.
This guy started touching your arms and trying to stand close to you. Saying “baby” every couple words.
When Ross saw, he went right up to his costar, punched him in the face, grabbed your hand, and left. Without a word.

Ryland: You were with your boyfriend at Starbucks. The two of you had been talked into getting drinks for everyone while they’re in rehearsal.
The barista taking your order, was talking to your chest.
Ryland stepped in front of you and placed the order. Then, told you to go get napkins.
Barista: “That your girl? She’s sexy!”
Ryland: “Yeah…she is…don’t you ever look at her again.” He went to join you and help get the drinks.





G I V E   A W A Y!!!

So basically, I found a bunch of stuff that I was willing to give away of mine (There are reasons why for each item, and I will explain below). There are just a few simple rules:

You MUST be following me, and reblog/like this post. I will be checking to see if the winner is doing the following. After this gets over 200 notes, I will choose a winner from the notes (first check if they are following of course) and I will inbox you about it. 

HOLLISTER DENIM BOW CUT OUT DRESS (SIZE SMALL) - This was one of my favorite dresses, but unfortunately I have grown out of it. I wore it only twice unfortunately, but I am willing to give it away to one of you as there is no point in me keeping it now.

FOREVER 21 STRAPLESS FLORAL DRESS (SIZE SMALL) - This dress is perfect for special occasions, and flatters the body very well. I’m giving this away because I ordered 2 by accident.

YANKEE CANDLE (SCENT: FRESH CUT ROSES) - This candle smells AMAZING and fits the name perfectly. My mom recently got me another candle that looks better with my room, so I thought I’d take it out.

WONDERSTRUCK PERFUME - Everyone I know enjoys the scent except for me, so I’m sure you guys will like it lol., 

COCO CHANEL SUNGLASSES - I’m sure you all think I’m insane for giving these away, but I really can’t pull them off. I’ve tried them on with so many outfits, but they just look weird on me. They were very expensive, but I’m sure I won’t wear them.

YOLO FLAT CAP - My little sister got this at a Bat Mitzvah and says she hasn’t ever worn it. It’s actually kind of cute, but I doubt I’ll wear it :) 

So once again, this give away will end once this reaches over 500 notes, so good luck and FOLLOW THE RULES :)

xo sasha-wild