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Jerri Blank from Strangers with Candy. Best show.

SIG Leaders Dawn Tiura (Evans), Sarah Holliman and Mary Zampino Named as Pros to Know in Supply & Demand Chain Executive Annual Awards

Jacksonville, Fla. (PRWEB) March 04, 2015 SIG, the premier membership organization for sourcing, procurement and outsourcing executives is pleased to announce that SIG executives, Dawn Tiura (Evans), CEO, Sarah Holliman, Vice President of Marketing and Mary Zampino, Director of Sourcing Intelligence were recently honored as some of the supply chain’s best and brightest in Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s “Pros to Know” awards.

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Broncos: Boom-or-Bust Prospects Denver Should Gamble on in NFL Draft


The perfect complement to the hard-hitting T.J. Ward in the defensive backfield is a safety who can track down the ball and come up with turnovers. There is no better free safety in the entire draft who can do that better than Gerod Holliman, who tied an NCAA record with 14 interceptions last…


The #Greys made contact with a world governmental body for the first time in #1933 in #Germany. However, they were turned away by the German government because it had already committed itself to involvement with the #Aryans. In May of 1954, at the Holliman Air Force Base, the United States Government made a formal agreement with the Grey alien race after declining assistance from the #Pleiadians. Some of the terms of this agreement were the exchange of #technology, of #antigravity, metals, alloys, and environmental #technologies to assist the earth with #freeenergy and medical application regarding the human body. All the Greys asked for in return, was to be allowed to study(#abduct) the human development, both in the emotional #consciousness makeup. They are #cybernetic #robots that have long since outlived their creators of which they most likely resemble. They are trying to obtain immortality via obtaining a soul by mixing with human DNA. Now pay close attention, because this is the first time I’ve ever mentioned this. The particular document and original exchange material may be found today in the NSA facility, called #BlueMoon, under Kirkland Air Force Base in New Mexico. It’s exact entrance is in the #MonzoniMountains. This location houses the private department of energy technological labs. Voice in the video is former CIA #JohnLear Rp my #4biddenknowledge

The Twilight Zone
"Where is Everybody?" (1959)

IMDb: Mike Ferris finds himself alone in the small Oakwood town and without recollection about his name, where he is or who he is. Mike wanders through the town trying to find a living soul. The tension increases and Mike has a breakdown.

Director: Robert Stevens
Writer: Rod Serling
Stars: Earl Holliman, James Gregory, Paul Langton