hollie jay bowes

Okay, what is life?!

So yesterday, as you all know I met Kieron, Hollie and Andy.

It was most possibly the best moment of my life.

Me and Natt was walking in the road like total dicks then all of a sudden we nearly got ran over… Looked in the car and it was Kieron and Holly. I nearly died. (From fangirling not being ran over)

So we sat outside outfit and they were stood at Kieron’s car for a while, Hollie was sorting her skirt out and Kieron was trying to get hold of Bronagh who didn’t turn up because her phone went dead in the night and she over slept by 3 hours… :(

But anyway, when Andy arrived they all walked over and it was only me, Natt and other Natalie there so she waved and they came over and Andy was all ‘You’re not here for us are you?’ and we was all on the inside: EOFNWRGO£NO on the outside: *Nervous* Yeh.

Andy grinned and was like hiya and shook our hands, but I just had my eyes on Kieron because he’s so gorgeous and he’s seriously my idol, i adore him and everything he does and he smiled at me and held his arms out so I got up and went over and literally squealed 'Kierrronnnn’ while hugging him and then I was like shaking and he kissed me on the cheek and I was like ’ I’m BeckieeRAWR’ and he was like 'Oh really?! Wow!’ and kept his arm around me as we chatted then Hollie out of no where was all 'You’re BeckieeRAWR?! Oh my god, I love you! You’re so funny you, your tweets crack me up! come here give me a hug!’ (MIND BLOWN)

Anyway then they had to go inside to do promotional shoots while before the store opened and when it did open we went back in and was there for like an hour and a half! Kieron was so lovely to me and we was talking and he asked me if I liked keebroshow this week and we spoke about that then he was like 'I don’t know where the fuck Bronagh is’ and I like died inside when he swore and then we spoke briefly about hollyoaks and he was like 'just stay tuned, it’s gonna get proper mint’ then I asked him what he though about mine and Chantelle’s 'Keebrohoe’ account and he said he loved it, I asked him if he found the hoe part offensive and he was like 'No we found it really funny!’ Then he hugged me while Andy took our picture and made us swap sides and was all 'Wait wait wait, let me get on my good side!’ (Adorable) And he kept calling me Beckie and it was just the best day of my life. Then me, Natt and Hollie had a good natter about twitter and how people don’t get her sarcastic humour but we do and then she was buzzing because she lives round the corner from me! :’) Then we just got pictures and stuff and went outside, Kieron came out and was like 'I’m gonna be late for work so I’ve gotta run, I haven’t done my lines or anything! So will you tell Hollie and Andy i’ve gone?’ And then he quickly rung Vicky to say hello and gave Natt a picture and then was like 'Come here Beckie’ and he give me a hug and kissed my cheek again! (SO EMOTIONAL!!! :’() Then he left his drink on the bench and I may or may not have stole his straw.