hollie grainger


“We’re family: we love each other. 
We’re Spanish: we embrace. 
Where’s the scandal in that?” 

“You know where the scandal is.”



Under the cut you’ll find 450 HQ small/medium gifs of Holly Grainger, most known for her role as Lucrezia Borgia in The Borgias. None of them belongs to me and all credits goes to the rightful owners. There shouldn’t be any repeats or gray boxes. Please like and/or reblog if you’ll be using this. And have a nice day ♡

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The Vampire Chronicle Characters

Holly Grainger as Bianca Solderini
That Botticelli hadn’t painted her was a mere accident. Indeed he might well have done so. She looked so very like his women that all other thoughts left my mind. I saw her oval face, her oval eyes, and her thick wavy blond hair, interwound with long strings of tiny pearls, and the fine shape of her body with esquisitely molded arms and breasts.