holler atcha girl!

Tonight the res was beautiful!

Clocked a total of 4.06 miles tonight between running C25K W1D1 with Talia and my Ease into 10K W1D3 run after.

I was so excited to meet with Talia and get to know her a bit. She is exactly where I started and I can’t wait to see her progress! She was fantastic!

As for my own run, I was OK tonight. I have a pain in my lower right side (that comes and goes) and it really bugged me tonight. Not to mention today was my first attempt at true, clean eating so I wasn’t properly fueled and hungry (I’m in a learning phase!).

I’m so looking forward to having something yummy when I get home! This Monday turned out to be A-okay!

PS: I can never thank you guys enough for your kindness - particularly regarding my progress pic today!


This morning’s challenge was to beautify myself prior to leaving the house. This evening’s challenge was to sweatify myself at the Reservoir for a 4-mile training run.

I’d say I NAILED IT.

I was a tad slow running with one of my bankers, helping him out. My goal was 12:00/mile and I had to play catch up a couple times to get there. Still, happy with the outcome.

Also, I need to improve my watch-picture taking skills! I seriously am in love with this Garmin. ;)