the bae’s adept fshep in #21 for that color palette meme.

it’s the palette i used on my shep over here. it’s so fun to see how differently the same set of colors can turn out.

here’s a 100% view screencap of her face, since it’s kind of hard to see all the details here

ask is still open for those color palettes by the way!!

first revision of this project for my portfolio review class… digging the title more (i cleaned it up) but not so sure about the ‘v’ of the cherub’s scarf… gonna take it to my advisor and see what he thinks >:O

additionally this week i’m gonna try to post a progression of in-process screenshots and tag them holl303 so if you don’t want to see that (or alternatively if you want to track my progress, look there ! )

piece solely for portfolio review! it’s a cookbook my mom has in the house from her church

not sure how i’m going to end up rendering everything…the golden delicious apples feel like they’re A Bit Much™ at the moment and the dill/meat is vibrating something awful rn


and here’s this with all the labels and text slapped on 

bonus points if you know the band i guess

edit: change brightness of background, solidify form of marchosias, adjust brightness of wings (both), change title on front to include ‘V’ (remove futura)