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Being Bisexual and Dating Tom Holland Would Include....

A/N: As a bisexual, this needed to be done. Requests are open

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⚥ Being nervous to tell him
⚥ But knowing that in order to be intimate that you both have to discuss your sexual history
⚥ Which would bring up your bisexuality
⚥ Working yourself up just thinking about all the things that could go wrong
⚥ Him knowing something is wrong but waiting for you to say something
⚥ Until you go a whole day without talking to or texting with him
⚥ ‘babe, what’s wrong? You’ve been distant
⚥ you not saying anything at first but then breaking your walls down once you see the look on his face
⚥ *whispers* ‘i’m bisexual
⚥ ‘i’m sorry, love. I couldn’t hear you
⚥ him just rolling his eyes and going back to his phone ‘yeah and so? You want a cookie or…?
⚥ you just staring at him in shock bc you had expected the worst
⚥ after five minutes of silence, you jump on him ‘WHY ARE YOU SO CALM
⚥ him pulling you into his arms and holding you tight ‘bc it doesn’t matter to me
⚥ you being over the moon bc he’s so accepting
⚥ him making fun of you bc you were so nervous
⚥ ‘y/n attacked me, haz! Attacked me!
⚥ you and Harrison agreeing that he deserved it
⚥ him getting you a cute bisexual themed shirt
⚥ ‘you don’t have to wear it but i saw it and thought of you
⚥ you wearing it out on a date
⚥ fans being really supportive and calling you a rolemodel
⚥ ‘fantwittername: i’m so glad y/n felt comfortable enough to come out! It helped me so much
⚥ of course there’s gonna be haters
⚥ but that doesn’t matter to you bc Tom is so supportive and loves you regardless
⚥ him googling famous bisexuals and getting as much information as he can
⚥ being able to talk about how hot (female celebrity name) is
⚥ making him listen to Hayley Kiyoko
⚥ ‘GIRLS LIKE GIRLS LIKE BOYS DO’ yelling as you drive
⚥ ‘so, would you dump me for (female celebrity name)?
⚥ pretending to think about it
⚥ him starting to get anxious watching you
⚥ ‘i’m just messing with you. I love you
⚥ ‘to the moon and back
⚥ surprising him with a ‘i’m dating a bisexual’ shirt
⚥ ‘wanna go to Pride?

Peter Parker x Male! Reader

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Day 3 of Pride Month (because I’m a shit person who started late)

 Peter Parker (Tom holland) x Male!Reader 

 Pronouns: He/Him Prompt: Reader is walking home from work and a certain web slinger, drops on by (Spider-Man kiss w/ male reader) 

 To say (y/n) had had a rough day would be an understatement, to start off this horrific day he’d woken up 20 Minutes late with no time to shower or eat breakfast, he’d barely made it to class on time. Throughout the day he felt as though his teachers had all agreed the previous night to mess with him today. To add on to his pain, he hadn’t see his best friend, and crush Peter Parker. (Y/n) had been harboring this crush on Peter the entirety of the time he’s known him. He was scared he’d reject him, and he’d become the school’s laughingstock, it was bad enough that people were making comments about his being out as gay. So (Y/n) kept this massive crush to himself, and told himself that he’d much rather never face the embarrassment of being rejected, after all Peter was one of his only male friends that didn’t hesitate to touch him. 

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