holland in the winter

Peter: Look behind you, Radioactive Man! The sun is exploding again!

Tony: Pete, why are you talking like that?

Bucky: Yeah, and who the hell are you talkin’ to? [looks at Tony] Tone, do you have other men in this house? [suspicious] Radioactive men?

Peter: I’m practicing my superhero dialogue. If I get the role right, I could finally come to terms with this funny little muddle called Spider-Man.


marvel fake subs - [1/?] - tom holland and anthony mackie explain their feud

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I love this because Tom is all like, “YEAH! LIKE THIS! I’M A GOOD LITTLE ACTOR!”

Then there’s Seabass and he’s like, “I hate you. I don’t want to be here. Why are you so stupid?”

Clint Barton could probably perch on top of a flagpole and nail a perfect shot if he needed to but he has definitely fallen off of his own kitchen counter when trying to reach something high up.

If Thanos so much as looks in Peter Parkers general direction I will smack that bitch


If you ever feel sad just remember that the universe is a billion years old and you somehow managed to exist in the same time as Sebastian Stan did.

August 13, 1982. Happy Birthday to Sebastian Stan!