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De Duitser™ (The German™)

So you all need to check this post out, in which Daan (South Holland) and his brother visit their aunt Clarisse (APH Belgium) who is married to Ludwig  and he almost pisses his pants when he sees him. 

But our version is much better, because Lutz happened and he wanted to adopted poor Daan. So now he’s stuck with his uh… sort of uncle??

Click for captions! 

APH Germany: @windlebonne
2p!Germany: @identity-mess / @ask-the-useless-german
South Holland (Daan): @ask-thenetherlands

@ask–gerbelg I’m tagging you too

Gelukkige verjaardag, Nederland!

Today is Netherlands’ birthday [27th April; Kingsday!]

(The country that taught me efficiency!) 

Before I say anything, please appreciate a Chibi!Netherlands:

And now, let us admire a grown-up Netherlands:

(I have never been more proud of puberty in my life).

Ahem. We shall continue.

I feel like APH Netherlands, despite being all like “money is everything gimme money or leave me alone”, is someone who cares deeply for the people around him, like his sister, and Canada. To me, he’s just putting on this “tough face” so that no one messes with him (I don’t blame him tbh).

And damn, this guy is one country you can’t fool when it comes to the business world. You tryna cheat? You tryna sneak? You tryna lie?


I wanted to do something different for Netherlands for his birthday, so here’s a bunch of (random) headcannons about him! 

  • Netherlands is one of the most caring older brothers you could have. If Belgium is ever sick or feeling down, regardless of politics and even money, he will be there to support her. Blood is thicker than water, after all.
  • Netherlands is frequently invited over to Japan’s place, where the two will just chill at a manga store and read some good action/horror mangas together. It’s one of the things that keeps poor Nether sane.
  • Netherlands has no regrets when it comes to this ↓
  • Netherlands doesn’t miss an opportunity to tell England that Gin came from him. (It was invented in the 16th century, and gained popularity in Britain after King William III occupied the English, Scottish and Irish thrones with his wife, Mary).
  • Netherlands barely gives anyone gifts on their birthday. Except for Canada. Canada is always an exception, and it’s always tulips.
  • Netherlands actually prefers using a bicycle to move around, if it’s convenient. (I read somewhere that Dutch people use bicycles a lot). 

That’s all I can think of! Wow I hope these make sense

Happy birthday, Netherlands! Keep bein’ awesome! 

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“I’ll fight those Spanish bastards one by one, come at me!!” 

I really, REALLY needed to draw Ruben in historical clothing of the 17th century, especially after being to that re-enactment festival omg. He’s so Dutch and so fabulous, I love it. 

Ruben (APH Holland) is from @ask-thenetherlands

I’m imagining how APH Netherland’s Marukaite Chikyuu would be … 
“ Marukaite fuck you
Marukaite fuck you
Marukaite fuck you
Boku richer than you !
Counting money chikyuu ,
Saving money chikyuu ,
Kissing money chikyuu ,
Boku money desu !
Aaaaah Amsterdam’s biiitches ,
I want them but I can’t pay theeem ,
I’m too busy selling tulips in the city


I got really lazy towards the end but eh here you go, a random sea thing, because I really wanted to draw it. Featuring Ruben from @ask-thenetherlands and Koen aka Christiaan from @ask-amsterdam

And yes there is/was an actual ship called “De Amsterdam” from the VOC, they made a replica and I’ve been on there a few times, it is awesome. 


Let’s have a good round of applause for some other fellow YouTubers! A stoic af Dutchmen and an eternally sugar high American! YouTuber Ned really satisfies me in a way I cannot explain… And yes, their Minecraft skins are their canon clothes!

Also, Nor is suspiciously good at games and no one knows why.