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before i drop off the face of the earth and go into finals mode™, someone suggested a Gansey-off for the top requested Gansey fan casts. so, from left to right

row 1.) Blake Steven, Brandon Flynn, David Mazouz

row 2.) Tom Holland, Jack or Finn Harries, Tyler Young

row 3.) Connor Franta, Rhys Matthew, Austin McKenzie

the masterlist

Tom Holland

Boxing Lessons (NSFW)

Attention (NSFW)

5 Seconds of Summer

Kik (Excerpt) - Calum Hood (NSFW)

Studio Sessions - Ashton Irwin (NSFW)

The Vamps

Eager - Bradley Simpson (NSFW)

Caught - James McVey (NSFW)

Polaroids - Bradley Simpson (NSFW)

One Direction

Dominate - Harry Styles (NSFW)

Make Out to Make Up - Liam Payne (NSFW)

Dessert - Harry Styles (NSFW)

Mr. Malik - Zayn Malik (NSFW)

Three is Better Than Two - Zayn Malik &Harry Styles (NSFW) 

Dylan O’Brien

Movie Night (NSFW)

Austin Mahone

Away (NSFW)

“So ordinary.”  (Read this with whoever you want.)

He was laughing when his eyes caught her. She was smiling, her hair being completely ridiculous in the wind, her pink wind breaker and black leggings keeping her warm. She was nothing special, at least not to him, she wasn’t what usually caught his eye. She didn’t have the perky boobs, the fat ass, the big lips and the skinny waist that he usually felt attracted too. He didn’t look at her and think Damn I need to tap that, no, it was more like… More like he wanted to get to know her, know what made her get out of bed in the morning, what made her break down. What her biggest dream was and how she planned on accomplishing that. He looked at her as she tried to contain the mass of hair flying around her head and he couldn’t help but smile when he saw her give up with a slight pout on her face. He couldn’t help but notice the freedom in her eyes, how she didn’t care about what other people thought of her. She was just her, in her own little bubble, and all he wanted to do was be a part of that bubble. It looked like she had no worries in her life, like she took everything as it came, like she didn’t rush things and that she knew that everything would be okay. 

She was so.. so ordinary. She was nothing special and that made her so unique. She was one hundred percent her, she didn’t hide behind the mask that most people put on. All he could think about was getting to know her. He couldn’t see himself fucking her and then leave like he did with all the other girls. No, this was the kind of girl that he saw himself eating ice cream with in the middle of winter. The kind of girl who wouldn’t take his bullshit even if he was having a bad day. She was the kind of girl he saw himself cuddled up to on the couch while he was watching some chick flick on tv, but all he was looking at was her and how excited she was about it. She was the kind of girl that he saw himself admiring in complete awe, his eyes shining with curiosity as she challenged him to become a better person. He smiled as she finally looked up, her eyes meeting his. He loved how she had that puzzled look on her face when she looked around, probably wondering if she was who he was looking at. He loved it even more when she returned her gaze to him, his eyes still locked on her, and smiled when she realized that she was actually who he was looking at. She grabbed a stand of hair and put it behind her ear, giving him one more smile before blushing and returning her gaze to whatever she had been doing before. 

Blinking sleepily, she pushed some of her bed-mussed auburn hair out of her face and looked at Scorpius’s dim figure getting dressed across the room. She was always somewhat amazed at how quickly he could get ready in the mornings, and this one was no exception, even through her semi-conscious state.

~ Velvet Box by KitKat-Pyrophobia

Arrow S03 E05 & E11- Chase (Austin Butler FC) & Thea Queen (Willa Holland FC) gif hunt

Under the cut are 33 gifs mainly of Austin Butler as Chase in TV show called Arrow (I will add more when I’ll get to other two episodes where he’s in). There’s Willa Holland also in some of them, so it’s kind of her gif hunt too a little bit. All these gifs are made by me, so don’t claim ar your own and PLEASE DON’T PUT THEM IN OTHER GIF HUNTS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! I know my gifs when I see them.

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