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There are so many unanswered questions though like… 

Why did it ever rain teeth, why, whose teeth were those?

What was the significance of those stick dolls and which of the ghosts spent their time doing that? 

Who was that guy they scalped in the first episode and then roasted on a spit for stealing supplies, what supplies do ghosts need? 

If Lee hit Mason over the head with a rock to kill him, who put him up on that cross and lit him on fire?

What ever happened the first child that Lee lost, they mentioned it like it would be a plot point and then nothing?

Why did Edward help Matt and Shelby out of the house the first time and then fucked everyone over the second time by just being a creep?

Why did all of the Chen’s become freaky grudge like ghosts?

Where was everyone else’s ghost during the second half, I mean, even if they were just murdered they would still get a ghost. A ghost who could have been helpful to the other people about to be murdered?

Also, why did non of the ghosts ever attack during the daytime of the Blood Moon… did the Blood Moon have to visible… Why the fuck didn’t Shelby and Matt just leave before lunch?

Where did the witch go, like did she not care about anyone after she lost that good Matt Dick?

And speaking off, why did she want to sleep with Matt so badly, did he have a magical dick or something?

Why were all the other ghosts and The Butcher just chill with Flora and not kill her when she was out in the forest all that time, was it because she came out willingly?



If there’s one thing I loved about this year, it’s definitely the amazing Dylan O'Brien!! He had a rough year but he never showed any weakness - I adore him and admire him, and I can’t wait to see more of him in 2017 😍😍

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Winter Break: Part Twelve

Summary: Your brother, Sebastian Stan, is taking you for a little vacation and internship scouting with him on the set of Captain America: Civil War. On the trip, interesting friendships are made, and Spider-Man doesn’t stay your least favorite superhero.

Characters: Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Tom Holland, Scarlett Johansson, Chadwick Boseman, Robert Downey Jr., Paul Rudd, Daniel Bruhl, Don Cheadle, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner, Paul Bettany

Word Count: 2.8k

Warnings: okay, so there is mention of trans people and gay interpretation and I don’t want to offend anybody so just know that I didn’t write it as a oppressor because I am not. lmao I may be American but in no way am I anything like the future president. also: buckle up guys. roadway safety is always important.

A/N: firstly, thank you to all of our Veterans and our military forces for protecting my country since even before it was established. secondly, in honor of my country’s veterans, I have been given today off and I wrote this part as a thanks for my readers for being patient with me and my studies and a celebration of freedom that I am able to write/post my stories because of the women and men who serve(d) so that I can. also, to my American readers, happy Veteran’s Day (: and to my non-American readers, I hope your day/evening goes really well for you.

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“Have I ever told you I hate goodbyes?” Sebastian asks, leaning against the wall in your hotel room.

“Quite often,” you reply, not looking up from the suitcase you were repacking.

“Well, I do,” Sebastian continues, pushing off of the wall. He flops down onto the bed, his body crumpling one of the stacks of shirts you had made there.

You glare at him, and try to push him off as you yank the four shirts out from under him. “Get up, you fatass.”

“Excuse me?” he questions, raising his eyebrows and sitting up on his elbows. “Someone’s in a bad mood.”

He wasn’t wrong. You had barely slept last night, and had ended up watching the midnight news in German until you could barely stand another moment alone and wandered down into the lobby. There was only the sleeping lobbyist and the yawning janitor to keep you company for the first hour, but then Tom had stumbled down into the lounge room. You both had fell asleep on each other’s shoulders, until the janitor had asked you two to move.

He’d given you a long, sleepy kiss before the lift reached the floor your rooms were on, and had pressed his lips to your forehead as you opened your room door. You’d only been sleeping since four in the morning, and right now it was just past eight am.

“Sorry Seb,” you sigh, pushing your hair out of your face before sitting down on the other side of the suitcase, exhaling. “I’m just not feeling too great lately.”

Sebastian gave you a long stare when you put your hand on your stomach, suppressing the urge to groan at the rolling pain there. “Are you pregnant?”

Your head snaps in his direction, a hoarse bark of laughter leaving your mouth and you collapse on your back onto the bed.

Hell no,” you shake your head earnestly.

“Good,” Sebastian mutters, then rubs his forehead. “Do I need to send in Scar or Liza?”

You give him a flat look. “Why are you even in here, Seb?”

He adopts a fake look of hurt. “Someone has to make sure you and Tom don’t end up alone in a room together.”

You slap him with a random sock, and he chokes on his own chuckles.

“You’re such a boy,” you roll your eyes, getting back up.

“Well I’d hope so,” Sebastian replies, looking down at himself, “or else I might be the most misinformed trans there is.”

You shake your head, and pull on his arm, trying to get him to stand up. “Get up and help me close this suitcase.”

“Not this again,” Sebastian groans, as you tug your suitcase onto the floor. You sweep your arm down at it, smiling sarcastically wide at him as he slides down off of the bed onto the floor.

“I hate this,” he says as he clambers a top of your suitcase. “Makes me feel fat.”

“Can’t help your muscles are so heavy,” you reply, pushing his foot away from your face as your drag the zipper around the three sides, successfully securing your baggage.

“Voila,” you say, and pat the edge of the luggage. Your brother stands up, stretching as his back pops and he cracks his neck.

“Can’t say I’m excited for this drive,” he admits.

“You mean the two hour one to Berlin?” you question, raising a brow. “That’s nothing compared to when I drove you to the dentist three hours from the house to get your wisdom teeth removed.”

“Don’t forget that seven hour drive we took to Virginia,” he chuckles.

“Or how you ran over a nail on the Memorial Parkway in D.C. and we ended up scaring the shit out of mom when we slept in a hotel in Maryland and our phones died?”

“That was your fault,” Sebastian replies tauntingly, slinging your backpack filled with textbooks over his shoulder. “You’re the one who didn’t have a car charger.”

“You’re the one who didn’t know how to change a flat tire,” you point out, not attempting to take your bags from him. A brother was supposed to do his sister favors and Bucky Barnes could carry your stuff any day.

You grab your phone off of the dresser closest to the bed and glance around the room again as Sebastian lifts your case into a standup position.

“It was your car.”

You were the one driving.”

He sticks his tongue out at you, and that ends the bickering as you hustle him out of the hotel room and close the door behind you. His suitcase was already loaded into the rental car Joe Russo had booked for you, Chris, and Sebastian. Anthony would be driving Elizabeth, Scar, and Mackie, and the rest of the crew that wasn’t going to be needed in Berlin would go back to Atlanta, where they were moving into phase three of the movie. As far as you knew, the scene that they’d be filming in Berlin was all the way from the first phase, something to do with a phone call and Seb being a scruffy lowlife.

The elevator dings and Sebastian nudges you on when you daze off.

“You can sleep in the car, you know,” he says as the lift descends.

“Yeah, I probably will,” you respond, trying to suppress a yawn.

“After Berlin, filming is moving to Atlanta,” he continues, and then adds, “back in America.”

“I know,” you nod.

“Do you want to come?”

You quirk a smile. “Will Tom be there?”

Sebastian rolls his eyes, but there’s a small smile on his face. “Yeah, him and his babysitter.”


Sebastian just shrugs his shoulders and gives you a wink, the corners of his lips pulled up. You can see the rest of his smug expression in the elevator mirror, but before you can question him further, the doors slide open leaving you to the lobby.

You pull Damon’s jacket tight around your waist, securing it there as you grab your backpack off of your brother’s back, taking it for your own.

“(Y/N),” someone calls out to you, and you turn to find Daniel and Chadwick walking up to you, bags of their own following behind them.

“Hey,” you reply, smiling slightly.

“It was nice meeting you,” Chadwick starts off, smiling back at you. “I didn’t realize at least one of the Stans could be so pleasant.”

You shrug your shoulders. “You only like me better because I didn’t kill your dad.”

“True,” Chadwick snickers, then makes a face. “Which is why I’m confused as to why I’m the one sitting next to Daniel on the plane.”

Daniel chuckles as Chadwick shakes your hand, before offering his own.

“Es war schön, dich kennenzulernen, (Y/N).” (It was nice/lovely to meet you).

“Sie auch Daniel. Viel Glück mit ihm im Flugzeug,” you reply, nodding towards Chadwick, who has become engrossed in a conversation with your brother. (You also, Daniel. Good luck with him on the plane).

“I will need all the luck I can get,” Daniel says in English, amusedly. “I thank God it is only him, and not Paul Rudd and Tom as well. I can only take so much hyper.”

You laugh, and nod your head. “I’ll see you in Atlanta.”

“See you then,” he says, and then adds, “Gute Reise, kleine Stan.”
(Good journey, Small Stan).

You grimace at the additional nickname, reminding yourself for the umpteenth time in your life to find a pair of heels that would at least make you an inch taller than Sebastian so he could be the ‘Little Stan’ for the day.

Daniel and Chadwick leave together, climbing into a taxi cab.

“Why isn’t anyone else going with them?” you ask Sebastian as he guides you further into the lobby.

“Marvel doesn’t want all of us on the same plane in case we get mugged,” he explains, “or if some crazed fan manages to get lucky, they won’t have the full set of us to kidnap.”

The second reason makes you laugh, attracting the fast attention of Tom.

“Love,” he greets, regarding Sebastian with a small acknowledging smile.

“Tom,” you return, turning away from your brother as Renner walks up to him.

“I’ve decided something,” Tom says, holding you by your hands. He smells of coffee and mint again, and the scent of his cologne clings to his clothes. Nothing about him betrayed his late night, you, on the other hand, wore something you’d stay in over the weekend while doing Netflix binges.

“What’s that?” you question, tapping your fingers against his, feeling the most uplifted you had all morning.

“I want to see you after we finish filming in Atlanta,” he tells you, grinning. At this, you hesitate.

“Tom,” you begin to say, but he’s on a roll.

“They’ll only keep me for six days, since they only need me for the apartment shot, and again for the post credits, so that leaves me with a lot of time for you,” Tom goes on.

“Tom,” you butt in, desperately trying not to sound rude. “I only have nine days of winter break left before I have to get back to school for exams. I need to spend at least one or two of those days studying.”

He falters instantly, and you feel a weight in your chest at the downcast look on his face.

“But we can try to hang out between that,” you try to brighten him. “It’s just going to get really busy really quick for me.”

“I understand,” Tom nods, giving you a reluctant smile. “I want you to pass your tests.”

You give him an appreciative look. “Besides, Tom, it’s not like the next two weeks are going to be the only time we see each other.”

Tom nods his head again, and kisses your forehead. “Text me when you get to Berlin?”

“If you text me when you land,” you reply, cupping his cheek. His smile returns, and he presses his lips to yours, pulling away slowly.

“Holy shit!” you hear Elizabeth gasp, and wince into Tom’s touch as he laughs.

“I guess you didn’t tell her?” Tom asks.

“When did this happen?” Scarlett demands, popping up into the corner of your eye.

“Or her,” you add, and look over at your two older friends, one with her mouth gaping and the other with her arms crossed over her chest.

“You’re riding with us, little ma’am,” Elizabeth states, coming up on Tom’s right.

“I’ll see you soon,” Tom says, and kisses your cheek as he stands back up. “Mister Stark! Our ride is here!”

You chuckle as Robert rolls his eyes and walks up with his suitcase.

“All right kiddo,” he sighs, pulling you towards him. “I’ll see you in redneck country, alright?”

“We’re going to Atlanta,” you reply into his shoulder, smiling, “not Alabama.”

“As long as it isn’t Texas,” Robert shrugs. “If my kids find out I went there, they’ll be expecting a cowboy coming home and not Iron Man.”

“I was The Spirit of the West for Halloween when I was seven,” Tom says randomly.

“You aren’t even American,” Elizabeth says, brow creased. “Why would you dress up as a fictional Civil War cowboy?”

Tom shrugs. “I liked the Good better than the Bad or the Ugly.”

“And this is why the kid is on Team Iron Man,” Robert claps Tom on the back, then looks pointedly between you and Elizabeth. “We don’t like any of the Uglies.”

“Neither does Team Cap,” Elizabeth counters, “that’s why we’re the Good and you’re the Bad.”

Scarlett chuckles. “We’ll see you in Georgia, Robert.”

“See you there, ladies,” Robert nods, ruffling your already mussed up hair before dragging Tom away under his arm.

He waves the best he can, and twists around so he can walk without tripping.

“(Y/N),” Sebastian calls, waving his hand above the collection of cast and crew in the lobby. “Ride is here.”

“She’s coming with us,” Scarlett calls back. Sebastian pulls a face, and then sighs, looking reluctant.

“Make sure she studies,” Sebastian instructs, before letting himself be pulled outside by Chris and Mackie.

You give a shy smile to Elizabeth and Scarlett.

“Hold on,” Scarlett says, raising her hand in a stopping motion. “Before you explain to us the last twenty-four hours, we’re going to find Anthony Russo and get out of here.”

Elizabeth nudges you with her shoulder, and you smile happily at her. She returns it, before looking back at Scarlett.

“You owe me twenty, Scar. They got together before the end of her break.”

The ride to Berlin is mostly easy, aside from morning traffic on the highway in the very beginning, and the weather turns out to be sunny.

“So was that your first kiss in the lobby?” Elizabeth asks, leaning against the window on the opposite side of the car. She’s never been one for a seatbelt.

“No,” you admit, and glance over at Scarlett, who’s taken shot gun and is now turned in her seat to look at you.

“Wait, who’s kissing?” Anthony Russo questions, eyebrow raised in the rearview mirror.

“Tom and (Y/N),” Elizabeth instantly replies.

“Ooh,” Anthony hums. “Spider-Man and Bucky Barnes’ little sister. Who would have guessed?”

Scarlett and Elizabeth chuckle, and you shrink in your seat.

“So when did he kiss you first then?” Scarlett asks.

“Well, he took me out to dinner the other night, and when we came back, he almost kissed me until Sebastian found us-”

“Was that what the slamming doors were about?” Elizabeth breaks in.

“Yeah,” you nod, “sorry.”

“Okay, go on,” Anthony says, and you sit back up, crossing your legs on the seat.

“And yesterday morning he had ran past Sebastian to get on the elevator and he kissed me then-”

“Is he a good kisser?” Elizabeth cuts in again.

“He looks like it,” Scarlett says.

“How do you know that?” Anthony makes an estranged look at her, and she winks back.

“Yes, he is,” you reply, making a face at Elizabeth. “Anyways, before I was so rudely interrupted, he kissed me a few times in the elevator and then last night when I couldn’t sleep, he came down to the lounge for some reason and we fell asleep there until we had to go back up, and he kissed me at my door and then again this morning.”

“So are two dating?” Anthony questions, glancing at you in the rearview mirror.

“I don’t know,” you shrug. “I don’t think so.”

“Okay, but how did Sebastian react to this when he found out you two had kissed?” Scarlett questions.

“Not good,” you frown, thinking back to the fight in the hotel room. “But he eventually accepted it.”

“Wait,” Elizabeth holds up her hands, one of them holding a coffee cup. “Does anyone back home know about you and Tom?”

You grimace. “Shit.”

You hadn’t spoken to anyone back in America since the evening of Damon’s car accident, and all thoughts of telling them about Tom and you had been pushed to the back of your mind.

“Well wait,” you say. “Damon knows I went on a date with him.”

“Who’s Damon?” Anthony asks.

“My best friend-”

“Her ex-boyfriend-”

You look over at Elizabeth, who has a nonchalant expression on her face.

“Ex-boyfriend?” Scarlett questions. “And best friend?”

“We dated last year,” you explain, “and then decided we were better off as friends.”

“Did he decide that as well?” Anthony asks, and you look away.

“Okay,” Scarlett sighs, catching onto your reluctance to reply. “Enough about boys for now. (Y/N)’s got exams to study for.”

You’re grateful for once of the thick English 4 book in your bag and hold it closely to yourself as you concentrate on it instead of your friends in the car. The babble on as you fish out your headphones, and when you go to turn your music, you see a few texts from the groupchat, and one from an unknown number.

Damon: hey (your first initial), hope you have a good day today. Still need to tell me about your date.



Max: okay I know you’re probably sleeping, but wake the fuck up already bitch, good Lord.

Damon: why would I lie? Our girl can get a date with Ryan Reynolds and you’d never believe me

Max: u right


Chris: it’s what happens when you’re hot.


Chris: you rude ass bitch. Come over here and fight me

Forest: easy win for me. Damon, hold my earrings and my purse

Damon: and I thought you were the straight one…

Forest: it’s a man purse

Chris: gay

Jamie: like you

The texts make you laugh, and you reply to your American friends in the group chat.

Me: you guys are crazy. Damon, make sure Deforest doesn’t hurt himself, and yes I went on a date with Tom fucking Holland, but I’ll tell you about that when I get home. Hope everyone is doing alright and I miss you all. On my way to Berlin right now and then Atlanta.

Me: and Ryan Reynolds is married???

You exit the groupchat and open the other text, and read it.

Unknown: hey love, it’s Tom. Just wanted to say we just got to Leipzig-Halle and Mr. Stark and I are boarding in a few minutes. Safe travels (:

You smile and text him back, wishing him the same, and add him to your contacts as Tom fucking Holland, and turn your music on.

“Get to work,” Elizabeth prods you with her foot and you poke her with the pencil.

“I am, I am.”


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“Paulson, 41, has been dating actress Holland Taylor, 73. “I don’t really understand the fascination with it,” she says “At the same time, I know it’s a little unconventional, so I get it to a degree.” She recalls being on vacation recently, and spotting a paparazzi drone flying in front of their house — she thought it was a model airplane. “I do feel like the more I talk about it, the more I feel like people are going to watch my work and not being able to see certain things that I’m playing because they think or know certain things about my life. That whole part of it makes me really uncomfortable.” (x)