some Keith and Lance doodles… sorry for the radio silence fandom-wise :’’(

I’ve been working on some unique flash designs lately so i don’t have much i can post, as i will only have them available for viewing at the studio.. might post some sneak peeks, though, at some point C:



Out of all of the international wizarding schools, the Beijing Institute for Witches and Wizards boasts perhaps the most complicated collection of portkeys, and hidden entrances. While it had become incredibly difficult to hide a school in such a densely populated city, the wizarding community has successfully reconstructed the institute to be integrated with both the ancient and modern parts of the city. Unplottable buildings have been built between boutiques in a number of Beijing’s hutongs that can only be accessed by asking for the correct meal items from the right food vendor, modern skyscrapers have been erected in city centre that can only be accessed by portkey or hidden entrances, large hidden courtyards have been laid out in lush parks that can only be accessed by passing through the right columns in the right gallery. The decision to distribute sections of the school around the city had been unanimously agreed upon by the students, who are relishing the opportunity to push their magical potential in new environments. If the invisibility booster installed on enchanted bicycles was to backfire, muggles would be treated to a brilliant vision of colourful bikes crisscrossing the sky.

people who harrass dan for videos

people who shit on dan’s videos

people that repost the valentine’s day video

people who stalk youtubers when they’re on vacation

people who aren’t subscribed to amazingphil

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