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“people experience horrible things every day, and they still manage to be nice to others. being an asshole is not something you’re both with, or something you become. it’s a choice!”

phoenixthevictini  asked:

How did Frisk become Tem!Frisk?Ate too many tem flakes?(yes this is a serious question *jumps out of window)

Well there once was a little Frisk who was on their 8th murder run, very full of determination. Too full in fact!

A Temmie poked the human! A freakish reaction occurred!

Thus the weirdo Tem!Frisk was born.


Thank you!!

Actually, this weekend just passed we managed to finish all the updates ahead of schedule so we had 2 days off! WOOHOO! - Mod Dusty

I’m bad at taking breaks. I slept later instead! -Mod Tem!Frisk

Thank you everyone! (And all the lovely reblogs! Your messages/tags have warmed our hearts!)

Losing people is really hard! I’m sorry you went through that. We’re glad that we can help with our comics!

Tem: Asgore! I avoided drawing him for as long as I could!

Dusty: The skeleton brothers, and it’s great cause I have a fantastic example of how much I avoid drawing them


Thank you!!

Yeah! There’s shading on the characters now! Because a lot of people enjoyed the shading we did on Soulline, then we figured we should continue it in the Flowey story!

Goat Chara is probably the best random thing Dusty ever did! <3

We just don’t give up! :D @dustyart does the most work though! But we’re glad we took this on together! We keep each other motivated :3

* Thanks everybody!!