Caiera’s breath caught in her throat as she stared at the man who was Holku, and yet not Holku.

“Tempt you how? Tempt you into anger? Are you not a creature of anger?”

She took a step towards him, all the confidence in the world. “I do not fear that anger.”

Joe didn’t know how he had gotten here. One minute he had been locked away deep in the chasm of Bruce’s head. And then.. something happened. Maybe Big Green and Angry had gotten knocked too hard in the head, and before Bruce could come out, he did. Snarling, he pressed forward “-here’s the deal dollface. Yer not dealing with some dumb brute no more… I may not got all of green boy’s muscles. But I’m ten times his brain superior,” he snatched at her shirt, yanking her forward. “-where am I. What th’fuck is this place!?”