holistic counselling

Standing Rock was an intense and unique experience for many water protectors. While inspiring and engaging, the time at camp can also have consequences on our emotions. We may be experiencing changes in our behavior and mood as a result of our time on site. Just as we supported each other on the front lines, we need to continue providing help and caring for our relatives who have and will return home. It is normal to be experiencing symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder or other forms of emotional, physical or spiritual imbalance after what we went through.

Please know that you are not alone. Please do not hesitate to reach out for assistance, there are helping hands and listening ears, community members and healers of all types ready and willing to share with water protectors.

If you are in need of support please email:
augustina@theicariusproject.net, bryndis.njardvik@gmail.com and lollybehealing@gmail.com

We have compiled a list of people identifying as healers who have come forward to offer support and assistance to people who have been experiencing symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder and emotional imbalance as a result of their time at standing rock. They are located around the country and many can work virtually over the internet or phone, depending on the modality.

We are water protectors who feel called to provide support for our relatives emotionally, some of us as peers and some as professionals. This offering is not affiliated with the standing rock medic and healer council. Many of our relatives are struggling with mental, emotional and spiritual challenges after experiences at Standing Rock. We need to have access available for emotional well being support, mental health counseling and holistic healing opportunities to support the process of recovery and reintegration for people after camp.

We cannot verify the credibility or capabilities of these providers, they are volunteers who contacted us to offer support. We encourage people in need of support to thoroughly interview and research the providers before engaging in a therapeutic relationship (contact for examples of questions to ask). It is important to feel safe and respected, heard and listened to by a provider.

Typically it takes time to develop an effective relationship with a therapist and we encourage seekers to attend several sessions and stick with the process over time. It may take a few attempts to find the right healer and healing modality that is most helpful to you. It also requires intention, courage and strength to address and work through repercussions of such an intense experience. It takes personal responsibility to avoid unhealthy coping strategies and bravery to acknowledge when you need support. Dedication is needed to develop a routine conducive to recovery. It is essential to have faith in your own ability to heal.

We are grateful to the many people who offered services and look forward to including more in our network. We are expecting the integrity of providers to treat water protectors with respect and professionalism in their support. Cultural sensitivity is necessary, particularly to honor Native water protectors. We support holistic approaches to healing especially indigenous traditions. We are also open to including centers and communities which welcome water protectors for support.

We are working on developing a more comprehensive and indigenous centric list with the standing rock medic and healer council but that will take time and we feel it is important to make support available as soon as possible. If you want to be informed of this list when it becomes available you may also contact us.

This list is compiled by Lolly Be Healing and maintained by The Icarus Project and Lolly Bee.

If you are a provider who wants to be included on this list please contact us or stay tuned for a comment below with a link to a form to fill out.

If you are a water protector needing support, please contact us!

We are in this movement together, Standing Rock was the beginning and we are so grateful to everyone who has given so much. Everyone deserves support and healing so that we can become an even stronger community to protect the water! Mni Wiconi, Water is Life!


Pilfrey IS the bestest doctor ever!  See, he can even tell all by himself when a previously alive person has suddenly keeled over dead!

And as ever, who thinks Pilfrey only gave his inspirational talk about diet and exercise (with accompanying relaxing flute music) AFTER Nobby gave up the ghost? 

Which clearly proves how awesome a Doctor doctor Ronnie is because he knows that even though it MIGHT appear as if his patient has already taken a fairly extreme step in the direction of having an entirely stress-free existence  that doesn’t HAVE to mean he won’t still be receptive to Ronnie’s holistic counselling about the the importance of healthy living.