Lapis: Admits that the fusion with Jasper was unhealthy and toxic, not only because of Jasper, but because Lapis was the one took who out all her anger on Jasper and that she enjoyed doing so, and admits that she finds her behavior to be unacceptable and toxic and that she was harming Jasper

Jasper: Desperate to fuse again, even though fusion is something she vocally hated, even if most of the time she was in the fusion she was the one pulled under by Lapis, like shown in Chile Tid, until she finally managed to somehow briefly take control during Watermelon Island, showing signs of Stockholm syndrome at the very least

Fandom: Lapis is so pure… Fucking Jasper…it’s all her fault…she doesn’t deserve redemption…she should be shattered…

Ryan was overcharged for his power bill for over a year and they refunded him THIRTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS oh my fucking god HE DESCRIBED IT AS LIKE HE PULLED A CHANCE CARD IN MONOPOLY

So once that check comes in he has thirteen thousand extra dollars.

Jack: “So enchilada night’s gonna be awesome.”


talking with @senkirowolf about those role reversals and hoo boy i had to quickly sketch some stuff out

Do you ever just get punched in the chest with like a very intense feeling loneliness, out of nowhere and it just cripples everything you’re doing? This happens to me like once every couple weeks or months and it’s the strangest thing. Like I can chug on every day and do me and have a good time and then it’ll just be like WHOOSh. It like physically hurts my chest. I can’t explain it. 

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Alright, that 'tall person, short person, and roller skates' post. I know you said Lance and Pidge, but please consider Coran and Pidge. Consider Coran pulling Pidge around on ancient Altean heelies just so they can cut down on the time it takes to maintain a certain part of the Castle's engine. Imagine Pidge with laptop open in their hands as Coran tugs them along with a rope around their waist.

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THIS IS TOO GOOD TO PASS UP. (And there’s so little about Coran and Pidge.)



I just LOOOOVE how confident Touka is about “knowing” Kaneki. She doesn’t even hesitate to answer. I feel like Kaneki’s gaze is very challenging but Touka acts like she doesn’t give a fuck. And Kaneki at some point is right, how can somebody else know us better than we know ourselves? It’s hard to find a person who can actually see through our soul and declare with all the confidence in the world that they know us, that they know who we are and how we act and when we’re wrong about something, when we are lying to ourselves. Touka and Kaneki didn’t even knew each other for that long and 99% of the time Shironeki never interacted with Touka, the bridge scene is the second time they see each other after he left Anteiku. And still, Touka insists that she knows him better than he knows himself, and despite himself, Kaneki unconsciously agrees with her by touching his chin. 

That’s why this scene:

is so important in terms of their relationship and developing. He knows that she knows, and somehow that’s terrifying for him because his soul and actions are always exposed in front of her eyes, and that makes him weak. “It’s not fair” that she always comes into his life to change his mind when he already made a decision. He was faithful to his new ideologies as Shironeki by staying away from Anteiku, but she changed his mind, and now she did the same again. It truly amazes me, because Kaneki is so complicated in many aspects, but still Touka knows him perfectly. It doesn’t surprises me with Hide, for example, cause he was his best friend since they were kids, Hide knows him better than anyone. But Touka never shared years and years of connivence with him to be so sure about it, actually it saddens me to know that most of the time they spent it apart from one another. And I think it not only applies to Kaneki, but basically with every single character of TG, Touka knows how to unravel their true personality very easily. She knew Tsukiyama’s intentions over Haise right away, calling him selfish, and she was right. She told Ayato to rely on others for a change, blah blah, she knew that he was worried for them. Touka is such an amazing character when it comes to analyze others. She’s so smart and perceptive. 

The biggest surprise when you first reviewed for the first time?

DD: I found that Gillian wrote two science fiction thriller books. I did not know, she had never told me!

GA: “He” is because I have found that David wrote a book, entitled  Holy Cow: A Modern-Day Dairy This . Beautiful, the story of Elsie, a cow, which together with a turkey and a pig, after being shocked by a documentary about meat, they decide to run away from a farm. I enjoyed it a lot.

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