“Back To Basics”

Summary: You run into Bucky at Tony’s Annual Halloween Party, and you never thought your night could end up the way it did.

                                                 PART OF:


(when I get more drabbles/series I will place this on my masterlist)

Notes: Humor, slight cursing, a lil risque (somewhat nsfw)

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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
The Holidaze
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

If you guys haven’t heard this yet, is worth the shot.


-Ashton Irwin, from 5 Seconds of Summer

-Pierre Bouvier, from Simple Plan

- Alex Gaskarth, from All Time Low

-Joel Madden, from Good Charlotte

-John Feldmann,from Goldfinger

..and so a new season begins.

                                         So Here’s The Deal:

for the past couple of weeks, and even months - I’ve been going through a rut. This idea came to me almost a week ago, and I put it on the shelf. Just because I lost confidence in who I was as a writer. But I’m kicking that self doubt in the ass. Because as of NOW, I am starting this new season of writing. As you can see, I created this lovely cover for what’s to come. Starting Oct. 24th I will start writing requested prompts. Now every so often I will put out some ideas, or even series. But for the most part, my inbox will be open for HOLIDAY requests! Just because these next couple of months are my favorite times of year! Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I will ALSO, randomly do times of headcannons! such as:

#sexwithbuckybarnes Headcannons




and if it goes well, I might do other characters! 

I want to make this as FUN as possible for you guys.

Here’s some guidelines:

- It will be pertaining holidays! (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas…Etc) 

- I’m not too comfortable writing a few things, just ask and I will let you know. :)

- I will even accept submissions! if you’d like I will collaborate with you - or even post. I do want to do reblogs too! So SEND me stuff, I love reading others work.

- don’t be shy to come and talk to me, or ask for something specific if you’re going through a hard time during the holidays. Trust me, I get it! 

HAVE FUN! and I can’t wait to celebrate these upcoming holidays with you! a NEW season of my blog has started. 

And this will be the beginning of something beautiful!


**also please feel free to reblog**