holidays that should be more popular than they are

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“So… Not only is the combination of rabbits and eggs detrimental to their understanding of basic biology, but it also has no adequate reasoning behind it?” he queried, giving Jon a look that screamed scepticism. Sure, Damian had been around for a few easters, but the holiday never made any sense to him. 

“That said, as nonsensical as chocolate eggs are, I do approve of the hunt aspect of the holiday. A challenge should be a necessary requirement to earn a reward, and a hunting contest seems to favour the stronger, more skilled, contestant — which encourages one to work to be stronger than one’s competition. That might be one of the few things I have ever heard about popular culture that reminds me of my youth… Gifts were never freely given, they had to be earned. I approve.”

Finding Out (Part 3)

Accidentally exposing one’s secret superhero identity isn’t ideal. Still, it isn’t completely bad all the time. (AO3) (

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Tom and Sabine weren’t blind. They could see how Chat Noir looked at their daughter when she was Ladybug. He absolutely adored her, and it showed constantly.  She cared for him as well, but as a friend.

Once upon a time, they might have shipped Ladybug and Chat Noir together, since their partnership was incredibly strong and they seemed to read each other’s minds at times. But ever since they met the boy who Marinette had a crush on- so polite, so kind, and rather good-looking to boot… well. The focus of their shipping had promptly switched directions.

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