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Halsey // Badlands + favourite lyrics


Half the fucking craft store is “faith” (read: CHRISTIAN) inspired, but by god queers are the ones with an agenda because a handful of shows use us as punchlines and/or easy props for the hetero protagonists.

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'Mother's touch' !

Send ‘Mother’s touch’ for my muse’s mother

“Ah. You must be Yamazaki-kun.” Her voice is gentle and polite, with just the smallest note of delight. She has to admit that it’s quite a surprise to see him, but a pleasant surprise, nonetheless.

“So, you are the handsome, young man who has made such a wonderful impression on Haruka.” She gives a light giggle, unable to resist poking a little fun. She’s not here to judge him, or force him to win her approval. She doesn’t need to, after all. 

There’s not a single doubt that he’s the perfect person for her son.

“Haruka is always thinking about you. Subconsciously, or not. So many things remind him of you.” Initially, she was the only one who understood Haruka completely. But, now someone else does. Perhaps even better than her.

“Thank you. Thank you for taking care of him. For loving him.” A hand gently reaches up to push a lock of hair behind Souta’s ear - a motherly gesture that she recalls often doing to Haruka. Her smile grows as her gaze softens, looking at him fondly. “He loves you. More than anything in the world.”

Vaping is yet to reach the English coast

Hamburger Dinner
  • Saitama's wondering what kind of dinner he should bring the family for tonight, when suddenly...
  • Great A Beef: (Towering over Saitama) You fool! Do you really think you can take on me? I, the Great A Beef, who spent countless hours loathing the humans who nurtured me for their food source will easily crush you into-GUAAAGH!?!
  • -A couple of hours later-
  • Saitama: Say kids, who wants hamburgers for dinner tonight~? [-flips two more patties on the grill of the stove-]
  • Mini Genos': MEEEEE![-All raise their hands-]
  • Genos: Where did you manage to get so much high quality beef?
  • Saitama: ...Er...I got lucky at a raffle in front of the market.;;;
RFA Thanksgiving

No one asked for this and I know Thanksgiving is an American only holiday but dammit I want some holiday fluff and I just peeled a shit load of potatoes so here we go also just ignore the fact that they’re Korean celebrating it


- he’s never celebrated many holidays, but after you were so excited for Halloween he wanted to surprise you

- he calls three chefs to make a feast and some decorators to set up the table

- it’s adorable and sweet but you have to point out that just the two of you can’t possibly eat all that food

- time to make some calls

- his dad, Jumin specifically said no girlfriends, Zen, Jaehee, and Seven end up coming over

- that’s not nearly enough people to eat everything but it helps

- Elizabeth 3rd gets her own mini-feast and Jumin gives her some of his food

- “stop messing with that furball” Zen says every time Jumin even mentions Elizabethh

- what’s a conversation with those two without them arguing?

- once everyone leaves you and Jumin cuddle up on the couch and put on the TV

- you both fall asleep like that accidentally

- he wakes up first and carries you to the bed and goes back to sleep


- he insists on cooking everything

- he’s not used to making so much at once though so you start helping him

- he’s playing his favorite music

- gives you lots of cheek and neck kisses

- he invited his family to come, not thinking they would, but they do

- it’s slightly awkward at first but conversation soon starts and things go well

- you’re both so full and tired afterwards

- he had planned to sing for you and maybe have some fun with his beast

- but is too tired for that so you curl up on the couch and fall asleep to holiday adds


- you guys went to stay at his family’s house

- in the morning, you, him, and his mom are cooking

- his dad and sister are setting the table and talking

- the TV is on for background noise

- you kiss Yoosung’s cheek once and he gets so embarrassed

- “in front of my mom?

- she thinks it’s adorable though

- dinner is loud and fun

- you and Yoosung fall asleep on the floor in front of the couch

- when you guys are leaving his mom gives you guys a ton of the leftover food


- the cafe is closed for the holiday though you guys did offer some themed drinks for a while

- Jaehee wears an apron you made that has a big hand print turkey on it

- you guys invite the whole RFA over but only Zen and Seven show up

- Jumin doesn’t celebrate it and Yoosung is at his family’s home

- dinner is quite interesting

- it’s really fun though and there’s a lot of laughter

- after you and Jaehee watch a couple of Zen’s plays

- after the third you both shuffle off to bed

- you decide to not open the cafe the next day in sleep in

- Jaehee finally gets enough sleep


- the kitchen is a mess

- Saeran gave up once you pulled out the jellybeans

- it’s a classic Peanuts Thanksgiving

- including folding chair wrestling

- Seven loses and you have to help untangle him

- you guys do manage to cook a turkey

- you invited the entire RFA a few days before so they do all show up

- Yoosung has to leave early to go home but everyone else stays for the whole time

- very noisy

- everyone has a great time, even Saeran is smiling by the end

- you and Seven pass out on the couch


i would just like to reach out to each and every one of you that follows me and say: i hope your december is bright and merry, filled with laughter and love, and enables you to embark on a new adventure into the new year, which the optimistic part of me is cautiously believing will be better than the hell year that 2016 has been. 

more importantly, we are only a few weeks shy of spending time with family, friends, and that good holiday food that, despite basic laws of the universe, manages to simultaneously warm the belly and the heart. it’s a time for celebration – even if you are only celebrating that you survived this year – and i want to extend that celebratory spirit to all of my followers, including those not listed here. 

overall, this has been a transformative year: i turned 23, legally changed my name, entered into my fifth year of hrt, and will be graduating from college in two short days. i’m extremely grateful that i have been able to share these moments with you all and look forward to continuing that trend.

thank you and happy holidays!


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