holidays in eden

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Rules: We’re snooping on your playlist. Set your entire music library to shuffle and report the first ten tracks that pop up! Then choose ten additional victims.

1) Spring Day - BTS

2) Summer Time - My Chemical Romance

3) Blue Moon - Billie Holiday

4) Bohemian Raphsody - Queen

5) Taxi Cab - twenty one pilots

6) Ordinary World - Duran Duran

7) Maneater - Daryl Hall & John Oates

8) Still Into You - Paramore

9) Wake Up - EDEN

10) Hometown - twenty one pilots

How confusing. Ok, let’s start. 1 makes me think of snow (how ironic) and trains. 2 makes me think of 80′s music and good books. 3 makes me think of NYC city lights. 4 makes me think of rooftops. 5 makes me think of late night car rides. 6 makes me think of Paris (idk why don’t ask me). 7 makes me think of dark alleys. 8 makes me think of fireworks. 9 makes me think of camping and star gazing. 10 makes me think of my hometown (whitch is the opposite of dark).

Now I’m tagging @interconnectedmess, @thunderfuckboy and whoever wants to answer this!


we’ll be looking for sunlight – “Thank you for keeping me in this world when fate seemed determined to drag me to the next.”


1. buzzcut season – lorde // 2. home – daughter // 3. ghosts – pvris // 4. roman holiday – halsey // 5. east of eden – zella day // 6. leave the lights on (dntst rework) – meiko // 7. deeper devastation – jesca hoop // 8. woodwork – sleeping at last // 9. carol sparks – frederik wiedmann // 10. home – gabrielle aplin // 11. maybe – london grammar // 12. get lucky – daughter


Marillion==> Splintering Heart

And there’s a screw that I tighten
As I dream of the kiss
And it twists and it cuts me
And you know what it is?
It’s a fragment of love
From a splintering heart
And it tears her apart
But not as much as this


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