holidays i just made up

Some good news

Sooo, as of tomorrow evening, I’m taking a semi week vacation-ish (just made that up) bc of easter holidays🎉🎉 I am going to study both Thursday and Friday buuut I’ve got a long weekend free of everything😍 plus I’m going to my paradise on earth so I’m getting uberexcited🙈 aaaand hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to finally finish that imagine with Piero that’s made me hate myself 😩😩 and it may sound kinda weird, but I had a sort of eurika moment earlier today and I have this idea for a novel (?) I guess summer holidays may be more productive than just chilling and going to the beach. In any case, you’ll be the first to find out😘

When I was younger, I used to ask people what Kwanzaa was. I was always told it wasn’t a real holiday, just a made up one. Then I learned it was founded in the 1960s during the Civil Rights movement so black people could get back in touch with their African roots. People who say it’s made up are just racist as fuck because any holiday, if you think about it, is made up. And even if you don’t celebrate it, you should still respect it.

5sos song preference - Oh, Calamity.


“When I was younger I was certain, I’d be fine without a queen, just a kid inside his castle.”

I watched the screen as five year old me, dressed happily in a dress covered in sunflowers and sparkly red shoes ran up towards the curly-haired six year old. The scowl on his face would be comical if it weren’t so damn adorable. His jeans were covered in mud and his shirt was adorned with the ice-cream that was now on the floor in front of him. I giggled in pure pleasure as his mum spoke from behind the camera. “I told you not to drop it Ashton, I’m not buying you another one” She scolded as he ran off and sulked in the corner. Another ring of giggles escaped my mouth as I chased after the young boy in glee. “Go away, Georgie.” He said, his small voice being muffled by the sleeve of his t-shirt. I sat down beside him, unaware of the camera still pointed in our direction. “Will you marry me when we get older Ashton?” I asked, my mum had told me earlier that day, that when people love each other they get married. He smiled up at me, a little charmer even at his age. “I’m never going to get married” He said adamantly “I don’t need a princess to keep me company.”

There’s a picture on the screen now, of nine year old me and ten year old him, dressed up as pumpkins on Halloween. I remember that night clearly, it was the first time Ashton and I had been trusted to go trick or treating by ourselves, of course we had to stick to the street that we lived on, but that wasn’t a problem for me at that age. I was so happy to be spending the day with one of my best friends and on my favourite holiday of the year just made it extra special. I had wanted to dress up as Jasmine and Aladdin but Ashton insisted that it wouldn’t be appropriate and he was ‘too old to be pretending to date me’.  I cried a lot that night, when I went home. I thought it meant that he didn’t love me, but when he came over the next morning carrying a bag of candy and offering to share it with me, I knew that we would always be friends.

It skips to another video now, at my sixteenth birthday party. Ashton knew that I’d always wanted a big party for my birthday, and since he was older, he convinced his parents to let him throw one. They’d gone away for the weekend, deciding that what they didn’t know about, wouldn’t hurt them. There was alcohol, there were people I didn’t know, there were couples making out on the staircase and it was everything I had dreamed of. In the video, my best friend, Kaitlyn was behind the camera, recording my group of girlfriends dancing and having a good time. Kaitlyn zoomed into the dark corner of the room and there was Ashton, with a girl up against the wall and kissing her neck. Conveniently, the party was held just after Ash had gone through a serious break up, the girl cheated on him with his supposed best friend. He’d told me earlier that day, that all he needed was a hook up, well he certainly did that. I was drunk and stumbling up the stairs around two hours later, the main bathroom was already occupied and thinking that it would be empty I decided to use Ashton’s. That’s when I saw him, on the floor of his bedroom, having sex with a girl that wasn’t the one he was making out with earlier. He looked up and all I could see on his face was sorrow and guilt. He rushed to put on his clothes and chase me out of the house calling after me. “Jesus Christ, Georgie, wait I can explain!” he shouted as he chased me down the street, I’d almost reached my front door when I heard him kick the garbage can of the neighbour’s house. “I’m in love with you” he screamed, exasperated and all I could do was turn around with tears streaming down my face. “All my life i’ve been saying that I’d never fall in love, but it’s taken me till now to realise that i’ve been in love with you since the very first day.”

The screen flicks to a picture of a sunset, but in front of the sunset is a couple embraced in a passionate kiss. I’m eighteen and Ash is nineteen, He’s about to leave for L.A to record some songs for his band, 5 seconds of summer. He’d told me that he didn’t know how long he would be away for, but it could be at least half a year. I couldn’t go with him as I was just about to start university in Sydney and my heart was broken. I cried myself to sleep for three weeks straight after he left, i missed him so much and all I needed was to see the face that I thought I’d see every day of my life. I needed to hear the laugh that made my heart sing. My life was dull without Ashton, I hadn’t realised it before but he was my sunshine. When things were going wrong he’d pull me into his strong arms and hold me until I felt alright. We broke up on our two year anniversary. The distance was too much for us, and he found out that he was going to be gone for well over a year, due to touring. I’ll never forget having to sit back and watch him go out with other girls, watch him talk in keeks or twitcams with obvious hickeys on his neck, watch him get over me and not even bother to call and check on how I am.

I hadn’t seen him or even heard from him in eight months when he knocked on the door of my dorm room, got down on one knee and proposed to me.

The screen flicks to now, a camera hooked up to the chandelier that hangs in front of our table. Everyone in the audience had tears in their eyes, my make up was close to being ruined as I reminisced on all of the memories I had with my beautiful husband. I felt a hand grab hold of mine and give it a tight squeeze. “I love you so much Georgie,” Ashton spoke “and I want to thank you for giving me the best life you could’ve given me.”

thank you for reading - should I carry this on with parts for the other boys or didn’t you like it