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Tonner’s Miss Piggy vinyl dolls, 2009 Fall/Holiday Collection

from left to right w descriptions:

First Mate Piggy: Dressed in her famous “Pigs in Space” outfit (including appliquéd stars and the embroidered logo) with silver gloves, silver tights, silver zip-up boots, a silver faux leather belt and a golden brown-blonde wig. 16" tall.

We Wish You a Merry Piggy: Dressed in a party dress with a satin bodice and sash, tulle skirt with glittering polka dots, and faux fur collar and cuffs; including a matching faux fur hat with mistletoe detail, knit gloves with gleaming ring, pantyhose, satin ankle-strap shoes, and signature faux pearl necklace. 16" tall.

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Dean/Cas rec list? Maybe? Yes?

friend, I don’t think you understand what you’re asking.



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Links last checked 14 April, 2017

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Summary: A drabble told from the point of view of a young child.

Hand-In-Hand - ayyfanfic

Summary: Imagine your OTP at the alter of the church, about to get married. Just as they’re about to kiss, Person A wakes up in bed sobbing and staring at the empty space beside them. Person B died years ago.

He Looks So Perfect - hug-the-pj

Summary: Dan wakes up after a one night stand and finds someone unexpected in his room.

Hey Phil? - arcticphan

Summary: Drabble about semi-drunk phan at playlist.

It Was Always You Falling For Me -  worldsandtea

Summary: A short drabble about Dan and Phil’s love.

Just Imagine - dannihowell

Summary: A series of drabbles which feature plot twists and surprises.

Kitchen Hugs And Insecurities - littlelioncats

Summary: Why can’t we just laugh and joke around…? Remember cuddles in the kitchen yeah To get things off the ground.

Outtakes (Day in the Life) - ramonaspeaks

Summary: A short drabble inspired by the Day in the Life video.

Rain - bloggerinthetardis

Summary: Based on ’ An Original song’ by Rain.

Raindrops Against Our Skin -  snowbunnylester

Summary: Phil and a grumpy Dan get caught in the rain.

Reading Phanfiction - didnotthinkitwouldcometothis

Summary: Dan ends up reading some phanfiction while Phil is grocery shopping.

The Earth Boy And The Space Man - so-much-cherry-everywhere

Summary: Dan was an earth boy, and Phil was a space man from the blue planet in the Dairy Milk galaxy.


Here we are then! Six drabbles, each of a hundred words, about the gifts they gave/give/will give each other for Christmas. Happy holidays, everyone!


They didn’t give each other gifts the first Christmas they knew each other. They were poor and unsure, poverini, of each other. And what do you get the boy who might have been your boyfriend by now if you were only brave enough to ask? How much should you spend on a CD for someone whose CD collection you haven’t yet memorised?

Phil sent Dan an ecard with dancing polar bears and music which blasted out of his speakers to wake his family far too early. Dan sent Phil an understated card through the post and signed it Love, Dan.

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In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, and in the looming shadow of Passover, i dug up two old comics i did way before i knew what a Tumblr was. They “attempt” to “explain” two often little-understood Jewish holidays, drawn in 2009 and 2010 respectively. The Passover comic is a direct follow-up to the Hanukkah comic, so i’ve included both for context.

These comics are neither accurate nor informative.

For more information on anything in this life, please consult Wikipedia.

Santa Claus' Party
Santa Claus' Party

I’ve seen The Aquabats’ cover of “Holiday Road!” making its rounds across Tumblr, as well as a few people asking where it originally came from. At their 2009 holiday shows, The Aquabats handed out free CD-Rs to everyone in attendance featuring “Holiday Road!” and the original tune “Santa Claus’ Party!”. Rather than going through the trouble of finding the latter, I’ll just upload it again. Happy holidays!

What do the German states of Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia, the country of Chile and the country of Slovenia have in common?

They all celebrate the 31st of October as a public holiday (public holiday, state holiday, somethingsomething holiday, … idc, it’s a work-free day), commemorating the start of Reformation in 1517 when Martin Luther is said to have nailed the 95 theses on the door of a church in Wittenberg.

It’s understandable that in countries with large protestant populations (like in the German states and in Chile which has had this holiday since 2009 precisely because of the rising protestant population (with some 15% in 2002)) this holiday would be celebrated.

But in Slovenia Christians are mostly Roman Catholic and Protestant denominations account for some 0.8% of the population. So why make it a national holiday then?

Well in the 16th century Slovenes were doing their thing, farming, going to church, listening to sermons in Latin etc. Along came one Primož Trubar who said: “You know what, it’s really not fair that we have to listen to this Latin nonsensum, the Luther guy had it right.” 

He wanted to make faith more accessible to the common folk, so he started by writing the first book(s) in Slovene language. I say book(s) because he wrote the Catechismus along with Abecedarium (Abecednik in Katekizem in modern Slovene) – people had to learn how to read first (obviously). He is also the first to use the word Slovene (as a demonym) in a text (“lubi Slovenci” “dear Slovenes”) and is one of the most important people for the Slovene nation.

There were other important Protestant writers, like Jurij Dalmatin, who translated the whole Bible into Slovene (which makes Slovene the 12th language in the world to have the whole Bible translation (of the almost 600 translations today) [and before anyone goes oooh, oooooh, but we had it before!! – the point is that we are tiny, like really smol, minuscule, we are little even now just imagine us then, you’d need a microscope]) and Adam Bohorič, who authored the first grammar of Slovene language.

In short, Reformation was really great for Slovenes and the lesson is, if you let us have our way with language, we’ll remember it fondly (Napoleon knew this for example, and he has a monument in Ljubljana now).