There has already been over two years I had the pleasure of joining this horrifying yet beautiful and hopeful website and I honestly didn’t think I would go this far. Therefore I decided to make my first Follow Forever! I’ve got to say that despite those few times when Tumblr seemed to drain joy out of my body devoid any pity, I had a really great time around here. I’ve met some really sweet and talented snowflakes, who have never failed when it comes to bringing me happiness and I'm entirely thanked. I possibly/probably forgot to put someone and I’m sorry for that. Most of you don’t even know that I exist but thank you all and you guys are awesome. I wish you a happy new year and a merry Christmas!

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don’t don’t don’t don’t the east coast is nOT fun i am always cold and around january-february sometimes march there are hUGE storms and we lose power for like a week which means no electricity no wifi no hOT WATER it is terrible i want to warm

hmm the no wifi scares me but i am a sucker for snow. maybe i will just bring a generator with me everywhere.

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an extra rib. like one single extra rib or two sides of one rib making up one rib. also like is it weird or different or anything??? riBS i think i’m sleep deprived bye

Like, a single rib. 

Most people have 24, 12 on each side, but I have an extra one on my right side.

It’s not completely uncommon for people to have 2 extra ribs (it’s an extra set), but for someone to have a single extra rib is a bit more peculiar, I guess because ribs are in sets and I only have half of a set? Idrk. 

But no, it’s not weird at all and I didn’t even know I had one until one of my back doctors told me!