holidaying on midgard

My stony holiday exchange fic! Based on that backsmith outfit saga on AvAc, starring Sam, Nat, T’challa, and Loki :D

Word Count: ~2500
Warnings: None

Steve is not jealous, he’s curious.

It feels like a natural enough reaction to have upon spotting Tony Stark on the Avengers Academy quad, dressed in a pile of leather straps and little else like a…a—

Steve must look as curious as he feels because Tony lifts his chin proudly and exclaims, “I’m a blacksmith!”

And Steve, who by now is past curiosity and well into nosebleed territory at the sight of the outfit to properly think, replies with, “That was my second guess.”

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This is a recs set that has A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING in it, but where it’s a bunch of really good, often MUST READ fics in various areas of the fandom. It’s one of those posts (aside from the usual “feels and porn!” themes) that I like to hope will have a little something for everyone in at least one of the sections! ♥

unttitled by thegoodlannister [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki + background avengers, valentine’s day, fluff, 1.1k

“Loki, get your ass down here and deal with your brother before I’m forced to do something I regret!” The intercom crackles around Stark’s voice as Loki groans into his pillow. It’s far too early to deal with Stark’s childishness.

All of the Above by CatKing_Catkin, thor/loki, NSFW, 2.6k

It wasn’t about the sex, although that was fantastic. It was about all the little things that went into sex, all the little gestures from both sides of the equation that always left them both feeling loved and undone.

As if he were the Sun by ohfreckle, thor/loki + other thor characters, NSFW, human au, russian historical au, some crossdressing, 5.5k wip

Thor is a Russian nobleman and Loki is his spoiled rotten consort who’s drenched in jewels and furs and is constantly whispering conspiracies and scandal into Thor’s ear.

Hush (Let Me Love You With My Silence) by Misaya, thor/loki + background avengers, NSFW, past pregnant!loki, gags, somnophilia, fluff, 2.1k

Modi has uncannily sharp ears and wakes up at the slightest provocation, which makes it rather difficult to participate in such activities as Thor and Loki are accustomed to. And by "such activities,” I mean sex. In case that wasn’t clear.

Hunt and Game by plastic_cello, thor/loki, NSFW, pre-movie, 5.2k

He had gotten to fulfill one of his darkest fantasies and he imagined it could evolve into so much more if Loki would have him. And that mattered so much more than his pride and game alike.


Hall of the Slain by Shiny_n_new, thor & tony, character death, 1.1k

Tony Stark was dead. Surprisingly, he wasn’t that bummed.

The First Hunt by fallintosanity (yopumpkinhead), thor & loki + odin + frigga, child endangerment, some violence, fluff, 5.2k

Thor is a great warrior, even if he’s only just starting to lose his baby teeth, and he needs a good battle to prove it. Slaying the famed dire bear Iofur sounds like just the right challenge.

First Blood by umakoo, chris/tom, NSFW, vampire au, blood drinking/bloodplay, some dub con elements, 14.9k

Tom’s life turns upside down when Chris, a newly turned vampire, stumbles in through his bedroom window one January morning to escape the sunrise.

Lock It Up and Leave by curds_and_wheyface, chris/tom, NSFW, military au, 4.8k

Military AU in which Chris is a Lance Corporal stationed overseas who may or may not have a thing for his Lieutenant.

Untitled by hot-tittieston [ mobile ver. ], chris/tom, NSFW, anal beads, toys, light bondate, 1.1k

Sometimes, at the end of their workday, Tom would come home carrying an opaque plastic bag with no label. When this happened Chris would follow Tom into their bedroom, they’d strip to their boxers and Chris would give Tom a full body massage. After that Chris would get to see what was in the bag.

terrible driver tom + driving instructor chris by amberfox17 [ mobile ver. ], chris/tom, NSFW, ~1k

There’s a horrible clanking noise as the car shudders to yet another halt, engine stuttering as it stalls. Chris resists the urge to bang his head against the window. He is never, ever doing anyone a favour ever again.

Going to be Your Last by curds_and_wheyface [ mobile ver. ], chris/tom, NSFW, mention of previous underage (late teenager), 1.9k

Chris’ boyfriend has been out dancing.

cura te ipsum by vikingsongs [ mobile ver. ], chris/tom, beauty and the beast au, 2k wip

He knows the story by heart: a great and fearsome beast lives alone in an enchanted castle. The castle sits atop a hill and overlooks the city, a dark smudge in the horizon eclipsing the sun. Every year a virgin girl is brought, crying and wailing, to the beast’s door, her name drawn at random, from a list of other virgin-girl names.

full details + recs inside!

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Okay so my mind absolutely got away from me and I started thinking of Clint and Natasha and everyone else at Christmas.
What if Clint catches Natasha watching those heartfelt holiday movies on the hallmark channel, she always changes the channel quickly when she knows he’s in the room, but he never says anything just kinda smiles about it into his coffee cup and keeps doing what he’s doing.
So she goes off for like some dumb three week mission and comes home on Christmas Eve expecting to curl up on the couch with Clint and drink hot chocolate and just try to ignore the fact that normally they try to have a mission or something to do to avoid the holiday because it just makes them feel kind of awkward to think about being together with family and stuff like whatever. But she opens the door and freezes because there’s decorations all over the place, like the apartment could probably catch on fire there’s so many lights and decorations. There’s a tree and presents and all of the others are over. Tony and Steve are arguing about how egg nog has developed and everyone is curled around their own mugs wearing festive garb (even tony put on the elf hat, which makes him look like an angry elf as he argues with Steve). Thor is just talking pretty loudly to Bruce and Jane about how he enjoys Midgard holidays and the passion that goes into celebrating. “I’ll be home for Christmas” is playing softly in the background.
But Clint just stands, straight faced, and says “is this as good as the hallmark movies?”