holidaying on midgard

Past the Point of No Return

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Summary:  You are Tony Stark’s party planner. After presenting this year’s Masquerade-themed Halloween gala, you and Loki have some words. He disapproves and undermines your ‘silly midgardian masquerade’ and tells you he’s not going. The night of everything is put together, and you meet a stranger that looks quite familiar to you.

Words: 2778

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“And we’ll be inviting the usual guests plus anyone you request, of course, Mr. Stark,” you said, nodding your head to your boss, Tony Stark.

“Put the Queen of England on the list,” Tony joked. Pepper responded with an eye roll. “She’ll have a good ol’ time with us.”

“Ignore him,” Pepper replied. “This year’s Halloween Gala looks incredible, Y/N, thank you.” Pepper almost always praised your work as Tony’s personal party planner. You had worked on a couple of his parties with a company you loathed. Tony hired you on because he admired your attention to detail.

“I agree. Great work,” he smiled at you. “Very different from anything we have ever done.”

Out of the corner of your eye, you spied two brothers walking in. Thor held a large traveler’s mug in his hand. He sipped at whatever was inside, and walked towards Tony. His brother, Loki, followed. Loki held a copy of Frankenstein in his hand. You silently nodded to yourself, admiring that Loki was reading Earth’s classic books.

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Imagine celebrating your first Christmas together with Loki. You guys would probably dress up and while you love Loki in that black suit of his, you would try to force him to wear a red ugly but not ugly Christmas sweater. He would complain and ask you why you would instead be allowed to wear a red dress but secretly adore you even more, especially because of your excitement for such an irrelevant Midgard holiday. And damn you guys would look awesome together.

Sif/Loki Fic Recs

by @andhumanslovedstories

The Tenth Realm 

Author Summary: Five hundred years before Thor’s coronation, Sif’s a lowly page who can’t move up in the ranks and Loki’s a Royal Academy student trying to survive his last examination. The solution to their problems may lie in the legends they heard as children of the lost Tenth Realm. Now all they have to do is actually find it.

Where We’re Going, Where We’ve Been 

Author Summary: Through the centuries, Loki and Sif have developed a winter tradition that no one else knows about and no one needs to. There are more ways than just the Bifrost to travel and more places than just Asgard to spend the holiday. And Midgard, for all its faults, can be lovely in the winter.

The Law of Conservation of Being

Author Summary: The world has ended, and floating outside it (speaking, as we always must in such abstract matters, purely metaphorically) was the particular dust of a particular soul. She’d died from fighting this time around. She usually does. This time it was glorious. It’s usually not. That’s the luck of the draw. The only things guaranteed in every cycle is that you will die, and statistically speaking you’re going to get more than a few duds. She’s died tragically more often than she can count. She’s also died in her sleep, and that irks her nearly as much. She’s died of illness, of wound, of childbirth. She’s died of old age, of disappointment, of happiness. Once she died of a combination tiger attack and arsenic poisoning in the middle of a forest fire, which the souls on the other side of life generally agreed was the best death they’d heard of in a while and not likely to ever happen again. Even in an infinite universes, some things are just too bizarre to replicate.When next cycle she died of the exact same thing, Sif gave up trying to predict the future. A girl can only put up with being proven wrong so much.

by Barkour 

Morning Child

Author Summary: The trick with children is just to love them.

by bhaer 

Lies for the Liars 

Author Summary: Sif remembers Loki in three ways. 

by LJC

Simple, Not Easy 

Author Summary: Darcy should have seen it coming. She couldn’t hang around the spandex crowd forever and not end up with a great big target painted on her back eventually. She was just surprised it took Loki so long. (AU for The Avengers)

by sabinelagrande

you are coming down with me

Author Summary:  Sif and Loki were never destined to be happy together.

Midgard is Strange

Prompt: Hi! I love your writing and saw you were taking requests, so I was wondering what you think about “Don’t open those till later!”, “You can wait another 24 hours to open presents.”, and “I hate waiting” with Thor? Like maybe trying to teach him about Christmas traditions? Thanks and have a good night! (Family!Thor)

Word Count: 475

TW: none

Pairing: Family!thor X Reader

Tags: @nervouswastelandvoid, @marlenej1, @lastbeliever,@ladyalexa,@books-netflix-and-pizza, @pillow223, @jaybirdtrash (please let me know if you would like to be added to a Tag List- for any fandom, character or series!)

You spotted Thor pawing at the gifts out of the corner of you eye. You whirled around, you little bunny still in your arms, “Uncle Thor! Don’t open those until later!”

Thor froze and lifted his hands up and away from the gifts and you marched over to him with your hands on your hips. “you don’t? I don’t understand Y/N, can you explain it to me again?”

He crouched down and you bopped his nose with your finger, “you have to wait to open all the presents until Christmas! Santa has to come and give us some too, that’s why we make cookie and set out milk. Cause he gets hungry visiting all the houses win one night.”

Thor’s face was scrunched up as he thought about what you were telling him, “He visits everyone? In one night?”

You nodded, “ Yes, he does, He’s magic so he can do it all in one night. He visits every good little boy and girl and leaves them gifts. So we have to wait.”

This picked you up and spun you around as you squealed, “Oh, But I hate waiting Y/N. why are your Midgaurdian customs so strange?”

“They not strange! And We have too,” You cried wrapping your arms around his neck, “IT’S WHAT WE GOTTA DO UNCLE THOR!”  You heard your mother’s laughter and Thor let you down as you scrambled over to her. Pepper Potts picked you up as she and your father, Tony Stark came home from date night (aka, your father’s annual Christmas Party), “Mommy! Tell Uncle Thor that we have to wait for presents!”

You father laughed, “really? You can’t wait another 24 hours to open presents? Come on Demigod, I thought you’d have more willpower?”

Thor chuckled as well, “Well perhaps if it will make Y/N happy, I will wait another 24 hours. He then shot a grin at you, “but not one moment more, right Y/N?”

You grinned, “Right Uncle Thor!”

Your mother kissed you cheek, “Well, if we’re gonna open them on Christmas we need to go to sleep, don’t we?”

You nodded, “Okay Mommy.” Pepper smiled and hugged you close as she walked you towards your room, you looked over her shoulder and waved to your Father and Thor.

“Be good to your Mom,” Tony called, “I’ll come kiss you goodnight in a moment!”

“Okay!” You smiled, and blew your father a kiss. He caught it his hand and pressed the fist onto his cheek. You beamed, and Tony sighed.

Thor looked at him with a small smile, “You adore her so much my friend. It is truly a touching sight.”

Tony smiled back to him and patted his shoulder, “Thanks man, I think you might be my favorite Babysitter.”

Thor puffed his chest out with pride, and Tony went to give you a good-night kiss.

My stony holiday exchange fic! Based on that backsmith outfit saga on AvAc, starring Sam, Nat, T’challa, and Loki :D

Word Count: ~2500
Warnings: None

Steve is not jealous, he’s curious.

It feels like a natural enough reaction to have upon spotting Tony Stark on the Avengers Academy quad, dressed in a pile of leather straps and little else like a…a—

Steve must look as curious as he feels because Tony lifts his chin proudly and exclaims, “I’m a blacksmith!”

And Steve, who by now is past curiosity and well into nosebleed territory at the sight of the outfit to properly think, replies with, “That was my second guess.”

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