You may recognize her as the face of the Victoria’s Secret Designer Lingerie Collection. Now, get to know Barbara Palvin as she shoots her first Victoria’s Secret television campaign and makes her VS runway debut at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Dec. 21st, 2012

I’m so glad my stress is over and VACATION IS FINALLY HERE! I feel so free from all the work that’s been piled on top of me this week. I’m so glad that everyone loved the presents I got them- made me feel so great knowing that all the effort I put into thinking about presents for them were absolutely worthwhile. Alyssa&Cindy loved their winter care packages. PC got fooled into thinking I got him a cookbook when I actually got him a Calvin Klein tie and a Kenneth Cole tie for work and special occasions. Plus we’re going on a “Christmas date” tomorrow as part two of his present. Carney loves all the little mini skin care sample sets I got her to play around with. Plus the cards that I received were so sweet- THEY’RE ALL PERFECT LIKE ME LOL. Coach gave me my Secret Santa present today and it’s so perfect and it’s all mine! My coach > your coach! Emlyn made food to feed us today so I had two brownies before the JV game. Despite the fact that they lost, we had great stunt performances and I have high hopes for this team this season! NOW TIME TO GET MY TAN ON IN THE BAHAMAS!!!