It’s my birthday and my favorite month of the year! You guys are the greatest supporters so from 12/1-12/31 I’m giving y'all a 25% discount on all originals and prints! However y'all have to let me know which one of these you want as a print! I’ll post more originals or y'all can feel free to look through old posts and select an original. Happy Holidays and thank you guys for everything!😭

Holiday Sale!

 Hey there, lovelies! The holidays are just around the corner, which means we’re all hunting around for gifts for our fandom-savvy friends/family members/loved ones in general (or to keep for ourselves - after all, you deserve gifts too, my lovelies). Well, look no further! Here we have a plethora of  beautiful papercraft pieces, pre-made, packaged, and ready to be shipped to YOU! (And they’re all discounted. Happy holidays!)

BUSTS (approx. 4″ tall)

Yato (Noragami) - $40  [SOLD]

Kureha (Yuri Kuma Arashi) - $40  [SOLD]

Mikleo (Tales of Zestiria) - $40

Pearl (Steven Universe) - $30

Asuna (Sword Art Online) - $35  [SOLD]

Slaine (Aldnoah.Zero) - $35

Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho) - $35  [SOLD]

Ariel (The Little Mermaid) - $45  [SOLD]

Yuugi (Yu-Gi-Oh) - $40

Ciel (Black Butler) - $40  [SOLD]

FULLBODIES (approx. 6″ tall)

Mika (Owari no Seraph) - $70

Chii (Chobits) - $60

Saitama (One Punch Man) - $55  [SOLD]

Taiga (Toradora!) - $60

Madokami (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) - $40

Konata (Lucky Star) - $30

MINIS (approx. 3-3.5″ tall)

Sailor Scouts ($25 each)

Pikachu - $20 each

If you’re interested in purchasing a piece, just send an ask or message my way, or email me at YutaanChan23 at yahoo dot com! :) Please note that sales are first-come-first served; I cannot reserve a piece for you unless you place a down payment on it.

*All prices are in USD. Shipping cost will vary depending on what country packages are being sent to.


{large terrarium ring featuring dry preserved fluted bird’s nest fungi, teeny tiny orange mushrooms, 3 miniature ferns, and goldenrod florets}

this gem of a ring has been marked way down since I first listed it. it’s a one-of-a-kind piece that would make a unique holiday gift! ^_^



Ever wanted a custom made drawing from me? Well, now you can, and even cheaper than the normal price! That’s right, folks, we’re having a sale for the season! 

I will NOT draw:

- Kinks, fetishes, sexual content, or nudity (save shirtless man)

- Art to be claimed as your own (though if you want to color your lineart yourself knock yourself out)

Prices may vary upon design (complexity, intricacy, etc)

I hold the right to deny any request I find uncomfortable or violating the guidelines I have set.

SO, if you want the perfect gift for your loved one this season!
Contact me at @spiritednug for your order.

Thank you, and have a Merry Christmas!


It’s Monday and we’re hustling,, we’ve got the greens and we’re here to prove it. Take a look at these six strains and tell us your mouth isn’t watering LOL

We’ve got six strains that everyone should try this week and we’re hoping you will find one to make your holidays Merry from our selection

Here’s what we’ve got this week

Lemon 18 a delicious hybrid that pops in at a delta-9 THC point of 23.41% talk about lovely beautiful buds and the smell of dankness that can only come from slow careful caring and small grows.

Sour Power a hybrid that pops in at 23.61% THC all we can say about this nice little tight but is that the dankness is not contained in any container including glass. Once you smoke this you will not want anything else unfortunately

Strawberry Cough this sativa ranks in at 22.49% THC. The unmistakable sweetness of the buds flows directly from the Beautiful tasty terpenes that tinge it slightly pink around the edges.

Strawberry Death Star  indica heavy weight this bad boy comes in at 22.49% THC. Everyone knows that death star is intended to knock you out and this one does it like a lady. Once it caresses your tongue with its sweet under notes of strawberry and Cherry goodness the Woody overtones of its Indica oily buds will make you sit down and contemplate the universe

Ghost Train Haze  sativa top of the line comes in at 22.59% THC. Everyone loves a wonderful Haze Buzz. Once you take a peek at the buds and you see just how much oil they have you will realize just how tight this bud is going to get your head

Sour Chem our personal favorite hybrid of the Year weighs in at a heavyweight 23.81% THC. Once you start smoking this everything else is just a memory because you will be spoiled and high as a kite at the same time. The reason I love this strains so much is because it has so much taste yet so much power and it will not be contained by any container other than glass. trust us we don’t ship this without food even though we triple wrap it and shrink wrap it to try to contain the oil. Some things are meant to be smoked and not shipped so you better get it quick.

As you can see we are not kidding this week with our holiday shopping list and we want you to have only the best to deck your Halls so you can be all full of Folly lalalalala lalalalala

Free Gifts for the Holidays!

From now until January 1st every jewelry or print order from my Etsy Shop will come with a free gift of one pin featuring some of my original art, and a crystal or tumbled gemstone. 

I will be giving away a huge variety of stones including quartz, prehnite, amethyst, carnelian, agate, jasper and a few lucky customers will even receive labradorite. Both the stone and the pin will be randomly selected.

Happy Holidays! ❄️


{white bird’s nest fungus terrarium ring} 

when I first started making bird’s nest fungi rings a few years ago, this is the design I came up with. nowadays, my ring designs are much more intricate with minute details, but I still love the simplistic elements of this ring!  

Eyyy! Holiday Commissions all around! Because I really need food money and am trying to save for a new tablet cause my current one is slowly dying and really hurts my back…. like it really hurts me trying to draw for 2+ hours now, so I really need to save for a new one…

So!! If you’re interested some art for your friends for the holidays or some couple art then hit me up! I can also do oc x canon character, oc x oc, or you and your real life s/o!

I’m also offering a special deal for people who want Holiday icons! It can be either chibi or normal style, with a santa hat, reindeer ears, whatever you want with a cute colorful background, fully shaded, for $20!
Any character you want! OC or canon character!

Please email me at or message me on here if you’re interested!
This sale will go from today till new years!


Happy holidays, everyone! 

For those of you looking to give people pictures of their favorite characters, OCs, or a cute icon for your respective holiday, I have a solution! I’m hosting a pretty sizable sale on all of my prices! 

And even though the colors here are clearly Christmas-y, don’t shy away from asking for other holiday themes and colors! I’m happy to make Kwanza, Hannukah, Yule, and any other holidays you guys celebrate for your icons. 

All I ask is that you don’t request:

High-Detail Mechs
Real People without their permission
NSFW (including gore, but some blood is okay)

All prices are in USD.

If you’re interested, feel free to send me a message here on Tumblr, or email me at . Otherwise, please reblog this and spread the word!