Pre-Holiday and Black Friday Sales are Coming!

This is one of the best times of the year to start stocking up or trying out brands and products that you are interested in, because of all the sales and free shipping deals going around.

Makeup Mania Codes

  • Flash sale codes that come up for a few days and expire quickly. Check here to see the latest!

Lime Crime Sale Details

  • Friday Nov 23: 30% off entire site*
  • Nov 24, 25, 26: 20% off entire site*
  • Coupon code to be revealed on Lime Crime’s Facebook page soon.
BH Cosmetics:
  • 48-Hour Early Black Friday 60-color palette and brush set sale [Expired past weekend]
  • Pre-Holiday Palette sale: Buy 1 get 2nd one 50% off 
  • Subscribe to mailing list for early notice
FragranceX Holiady Coupon Codes
  • 10% off for US customers: HOLIDAY2012
  • Free international shipping code: FREE69 (not a seasonal code)
Barry M coupon code
  • 20% off all orders: MMM20 [ends 20 Nov Tues, HURRY!]

These are just some examples, and I’d advise you to subscribe to the newsletters or mailing lists of all the online beauty stores (think,,,, etc) because they tend to have great sales around this period of the year.

Whether you’re still new to makeup and want to experiment first before forking out more money for high-end makeup, or if you’re just looking out for good Christmas presents, this is the time to start keeping an eye out because you can always keep them for gifting later, and save the hassle of braving the mad crowds closer to the Xmas period.

I’ll try to post as many as I find over the next week or so, but if you find any great deals and coupon codes, do share them as well!


Finally! The Creepers and Losers BIG HOLIDAY SALE! 

Not only have we extended the earlier promotion, but we’ve added more:

  • 15% off ANY order, even if it’s just $5!
  • 20% off any order over $55!
  • 25% off any order over $100! WOW!

But you’ve only got a limited time! This offer expires at 11:59pm on Monday (12/2)!

We will be shipping as fast as possible through the month of December to help you get your order before Christmas! US orders typically reach their destinations in just a few days, but we all know how burdened the postal system is this time of year. So order by these dates to ensure you get your order in time for Christmas!

  • December 10th for orders within the US
  • December 5th for international orders

If you want speedier delivery than the postal system can provide, feel free to contact me. I can add other shipping options!

Even if you’re not able to buy anything, you can still help us! Share this post. Share your favorite products. To Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest! All of the tools are built right into the shop. Just click on the share buttons!


Tis the season and all so till the 2nd of January, since I have free time till then I‘m going to have a 20% Off Or BOGOFF offer on commissions. 

Smaller pieces that cost £5/$7 less are Buy on get on free, this includes pixels, and floaties, even cute versions of your characters.  
Everything else is 20% off

Sketch: Half body,£7/$10 Full body,£8/$12 
Sketch ColouredBust,£7/$10 Half body,£8/$12 Fully body,£12/$17
Troll prfiles/Icons: £12/$17
Line art: Bust,£7/$10 Half body,£8/$12 Full body 
Flat colour: Bust,£8/$12 Half body,£12/$17 Full body,£16/$25
Full colour: Bust,£12/$17 Half body,£16/$25 Full body,£20/$30
Troll Lusii: sketch,£8/$12
Troll Lusii: clean line,£12/$17 
Troll Lusii: Flat colour,£16/$25
Troll Lusii: Full colour,£20/$30
Sprites 6 set expressions: £10/$15
Sprites 2 different outfits and mix and match expressions with PSD/Sai file: 13/$18
Extras and backgrounds are the same price as before £5/$7

Regular prices check here. under the tag for contact info. 

Keep reading


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lOll3♡SHOP is on sale!! 10% OFF each item with the code CREEPYXMAS

♡  ♡  ♡  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

be sure to make your holidays purchases on time!!!
processing times:
♥ handmade items (brooches and plushies) may need one/two weeks
♥ standard items (prints, stickers, postcards etc…) usually need 2/5 working days
shipping times:
♥ ita : 1 / 2 business days
♥ EU : 2 / 3 business days
♥ US & everywhere else : usually about 8 days but may take even two weeks

lOll3♡SHOP will stay open till the middle of this month

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this holidays gift something special, unique and made with love! gift original art and support an artist ◠‿◠ ♡ ♡ ♡


This Saturday, December 12th from noon to 6pm, cartoonist and fine artistJeremy Eaton will host his 2nd annual Holiday Art Show & Sale! There will be a ton of great artwork for you to oooooh and aaaaah at especially the reduced holiday prices! From his infamous ‘jumbles’ to holiday music to even *gasp* comic books, you can experience it all! And most importantly, there’s 'hard candy and hard wine for the adults!’ plus 'soft candy and soft drinks for the children!' 

Jeremy Eaton Studios 521 NW 43rd Street
(one block east of Hale’s Brewery at Leary Way)
Seattle, WA 

Y asi, Terminan la HOLIDAY SALES de Steam para mi!

Un Resumen de mi Actividad? Por supuesto!

Juegos Comprados/QueMeRegalaron/Intercambie:

  • Chantelise
  • Dark Void Zero
  • Demolition Inc
  • Fable The Lost Chapters
  • Fallout New Vegas
  • FlatOut
  • Flight Control HD
  • Hard Reset
  • Just Cause
  • Recettear
  • Renegade Ops
  • Rock of Ages
  • Section 8: Prejudice
  • Serious Sam Double D
  • Solar 2
  • SPAZ
  • Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2
  • Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Mysteries of The Sith
  • Star Wars: Jedi Knight
  • Star Wars: Jedi Academy
  • Star Wars: Dark Forces
  • Tomb Raider Anniversary
  • Universe Sandbox
  • Unreal Tournament 3

de los que Regale/Intercambie? Los que recuerdo (Ojo, esto incluye “Trades” que nunca abri, quizas por esto parece larga la lista)

3x Terraria, Fable, Just Cause, Secret of The Magic Crystal, Dungeon Defenders, Isaac, Farcry, Flight Control HD, Psychonauts, Unreal 3, Borderlands GOTY, Alien Vs Predator, Killing Floor, Garrys Mods…

La Cantidad Maxima de Carbones que llege a Tener fue 47, Llegue a Hacer 8 “Crafeos” de esos carbones (video de los ultimos 6 Intentos), en los cuales, solo me salio 1 Juego “Half-Life Ep2”, Me he quedado con 5 Carbones Para el Gran Final

Desbloque 32 Logros de Navidad, y deje sin Hacer 5 Que estaban en mis Posibilidades, 3 que eran juegos gratis que me tenia q descargar, y 2 Por no insistir, 1 el de Super Meat Boy, y el otro el de Magicka, que aun es posible que lo saque.

Cantidad de Cupones de Descuento en mi Inventario? 18

Cupon de descuento mas Popular? Los de Valve

Sorpresas en Juegos que me lleve:

  • Solar 2: Juego de “Simulacion” de Planetas, muy relajante y facil de jugar, se pueden pasar horas y horas creando un sistema solar, y colisionando estrellas
  • Rock Of Ages: Humor Absurdo, Jugabilidad Sencilla y Divertida
  • Hard Reset: Primer Shooter “NextGen” que veo!, esto es superior a los call of dutys y battlefield, vez particulas volando por todos lados, cosas q se destruyen, graficos bastante buenos!, realmente impresionado
  • SPAZ: el nombre completo de este juego es “Space Pirates And Zombies”, es un juego de exploracion espacial, en 2D, donde llevas una flota de naves, despues de pasar lo que parece ser un complicado sistema de juego, es un arcade cool y divertido, con mucha personalizacion
  • Flight Control HD: Es tal cual el del los telefonos :yaoming:
  • Renegade Ops: Es como Jugar una Pelicula americana de accion en un arcade de los 90 con graficos actuales.

MUY interesantes y divertidas las ventas de este año, bastante sorpresas, y muy interesante lo de los logros y regalar Juegos por parte de Valve, enserio, fue una estrategia de marketing de puta madre! y aun Falta El “Premio” final q lo sortearan el 2 de Enero! donde el primer premio sera TODOS los juegos de Steam!, awesome no?

Despues se preguntan por que soy un jodido fanboy de steam….  XD

    Boost your holiday sales; meet the coupon

    Happy holidays, filmmakers! ‘Tis the season to raise some serious awareness about your project, and we have just the thing to help you do it: Coupons.

    When they’re substantial (we’re talking 50% or more) and last a short time (a few days or less), coupons have a proven record of increasing sales – and not only by a little. On average, offering steep, short-term, “flash sale”-style discounts on VHX resulted in 4x higher conversion rates and 6x more sales week-over-week.

    Check out these examples of effective flash sales:

    Remember to share coupons with your social media audiences: i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LiveJournal. Is your movie being mentioned on reddit or The Pirate Bay? Chime in and share a “TPB” coupon for 50% off. Is a blog or publication writing about your movie? Make them a “MAGAZINENAME” coupon - it will make the purchase feel even more special. Awareness is key!

    Discover the power of the coupon, then go buy something pretty for yourself. You’ve earned it.