Couple time!

Conscious that the clock is ticking down until the moment that 2 become 3 (actually 3 become 4 we must not forget to acknowledge Princess Precious-whiskers) I booked Sam a night away in the lakes for his birthday this weekend.
I couldn’t drink so I basically ate EVERYTHING and it was fantastic. Sam could drink and so got chauffeur driven everywhere.
I also made Sam a picnic loaf to eat on Saturday, partly because I love him and partly because I’ve been feeling guilty that I’ve mainly been using my expensive KitchenAid for making chocolate nesquik… It turned out great 👍🏻

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Cherry Lane has these gorgeous berries just in time for your holiday picnics and barbecues. Strawberry shortcake, anyone? (at Union Square Greenmarket)

Wolowona, Ende #2
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Children Leaving Home
  • Children Leaving Home
  • Sir Daniel Day-Lewis
  • Poetry for the Palace: Poets Laureate from Dryden to Duffy

Children Leaving Home
by Cecil Day-Lewis
Poet Laureate 1968-72

Read by his son Sir Daniel Day-Lewis
Recorded in New York, April 2014

To accompany the exhibition
Poetry for the Palace: Poets Laureate from Dryden to Duffy
7 August - 2 November 2014
The Queen’s Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse

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Some good friends from Italy are visiting my family just now. Today we took them to the seaside and had great fun, especially when the rain went away and the sun came out.

We went to the beach and skimmed stones. We hopped on a stream train for a quick jaunt down the coastline. We had a picnic on the promenade. We played some crazy golf and laughed VERY hard. And of course we had some ice cream.

All in all a fantastic day 😄 and now it’s time for bed 😴

agentpeggicarter asked:

What's your favorite activity to do with the avengers, and the recruit?

Contrary to popular belief, the avengers actually do know how to have a very enjoyable picnic. Until my brother and black widow decide it would be a good idea to play “frisbee” with the captain’s shield. Dr Cho does not appreciate the following medical visits and resetting cracked ribs (advanced healing capabilities or not, my brother does enjoy whining). We are now only allowed picnics on holidays and special occasions.

The recruit is excellent company, and I most enjoy just talking with her, although it is very entertaining to watch her attempt to bake (and more so trying to help her).

Cnada pop culture

1. Newspapers, magazines, radio and mass as a means of delivering information and ideas to many people, such as television.
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