This is revealing a really amazing summer with these beautiful sunsets. I’ve decide to print them out and stick them in my Bullet Journal. Plus, THERE ARE SO MANY FLOWERS HERE, so I was inspired by the sunflowers fields, and draw this little guy.

There is also a little packing list for my vacation in a little city near Urbino (Italy). Always hoping I haven’t forgotten anything. ^^’

Girl’s talk boy’s! Michael

Words: 2.6k

Warning: smut

Lyric: Falling and falling until I fell
For you


“Michael did you book the uber?” I groaned, I heard him huff as he pulled all out suitcases from the conveyor belt and slamming then onto the trolley. He looked up at me and laughed, nodding his head and leaning over to kiss my cheek.

“You worry to much baby.” Michael took the suitcase trolley from my hands and started pushing it towards the exit, Dave close behind us. I groaned as Dave laughed, taking two of the four carry on bags I was holding.

We had just got off the plane from our three week holiday in Rome, Italy which Michael had tied in my 24th birthday and it was absolutely beautiful. Michael and I hadn’t seen each other in three months due to him and the boys finishing up the last leg of their tour, to which Michael phoned me drunk whilst crying about missing the stage already. What I didn’t know was that the boys were on the plane back home and they were just pretending to be at a party so they would be able to surprise us (the girls) at home.

“Y/N? Did you bring the umbrella?” I heard Michael ask, rooting through the bags Dave was carrying.

“Mike baby its in your back pocket.” I giggled and slid my hand into his back pocket, grabbing the small yet handy umbrella. It wasn’t raining just yet but the grey and dark purple, stormy clouds were a tell tale sign that it would be soon.

As we waited inside for our uber to turn up, umbrella at the ready, Michael wrapped his arms around me and started to sway us from side to side. He placed a kiss to my temple and whispered ‘I love you’ over and over again making me blush and hide my face in his armpit.

We had been childhood sweethearts Michael and I. Well we were best friends at the beginning but as we grew up, Michael two years older, we started to come closer in ways best friends don’t. Michael always left hints that he was interested in me, but being oblivious as a rock he grew frustrated. On my 16th birthday Michael threw a cupcake at me whilst we were standing with a group of our friends and when I turned to him, ready to throw one back he cupped my cheeks and kissed me like I had never been kissed before. Luke, Calum and Ashton cheered him on as my friends gasped and squealed, my best friend Jasmine holding my brothers back from ripping us apart.

When he pulled away from me he laughed and put his forehead against mine and said, “I’ve been waiting years to do that but you’re so fucking blind.” He didn’t notice I had a cupcake in my hand until I smashed the blue sponge with red frosting into his face, the frosting covering his lips and cheeks. He squealed like a princess and got me back, but missing and hitting my oldest brother on his new clothes - And that’s how a cake fight erupted on my sixteenth birthday but I didn’t care as I pulled Michael in for another kiss that took my breath away.

“Y/N darling, the uber is here.” Michael spoke as his phone screen lit up with a text saying that the uber was waiting for us. Dave took control of the trolley and pushed it out to the sleek black car, leaving Michael to carry the two floral carry on bags. We both giggled at Dave’s grumpiness and followed after him like children, Michael trying to trip me up only to pull me into his side and bite my cheek playfully.

Once Michael and Dave said goodbye after loading up our bags, we were finally off to our home. I had been craving the feeling of the soft, memory foam mattress and thick blankets all day. We knew the drive back home would be long so we got talking to the driver who was a really big fan of Michaels band, actually having all of their 6 albums on every format you could think of. To say Michael got over excited would be an understatement as he completely ditched being my pillow for the journey home and started talking to the driver about instruments, how Michael, Calum and Luke always seem to dodge tripping over the wires that connected them to speakers and of course the parties that happened after finishing each leg of their tour.

When we were 10 minutes away from the house thunder and lighting struck across the sky, heavy rainfall nearly flooding the roads within minutes. It got worse as we rolled up to the drive way to our home and when the driver told us it would be too risky for him to drive down to the house, I started to curse myself for not bringing anything waterproof. Michael smiled at me as he pulled his denim jacket over his head and ran out of the car, quickly grabbing the two suitcases as I thanked our driver and grabbed the four carry on bags and quickly getting out the car.

Pulling the hood up of my jumper and running down the drive after Michael I squealed as thunder above us roared and let out a bright crack of lighting. Michael looked back at me and laughed at my hair sticking to my face.

“Come on baby, you’re holding us up.” And it was at the exact moment Michael forgot about the small slope in our drive and he tripped over, his suitcase flying into the air and all his clothes falling out.

“Michael!” I screeched running over to him and nearly tripping over my feet as the laces on my converse were undone. Michael groaned and lifted his head up, the rain pelting against his face which was making his recently dyed hair run. I giggled but started to gather all of his clothes, bending over in front of Michael to get his favourite pair of fluffy socks that I always stole.

“Y/N don-” Michael tried snatching the pair of socks from me but retracted his hand when a little black box fell out of them. I stared down at in with confusion for a couple of seconds before reality hit me and i was holding my hands over my mouth so i didn’t cry. The rain was hitting against the grass and the mud leaked onto the driveway, staining Michaels clothes.

“Ah fuckballs,” I heard Michael groan as he sat up on his knees in front of him with the box in his hand, “I was supposed to do this in Rome but I only found the ring on the day we were leaving.” Michael shouted over the noise.

Michael grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet, leaving his clothes spread all over the drive and pulled the jacket off his head. The rain had flattened Michaels fluffy hair to his forehead and there were raindrops dripping from the end of his ski sloped nose and long, thick eyelashes. He threw his head back and laughed as he swore up at the sky until he finally looked back at me with bright eyes and a beautiful smile.

“I love you so much Y/N, more than you’ll ever know and I know we’re young but this-” He pointed between us and our surroundings, looking at the house,  “This is all I have ever wanted.” Even though I knew it was coming I gasped when he got on one knee in front of me, his doc martens scuffing along the drive and his pale skin glistening with rain. I could feel the third layer of my socks getting wet and rain soaking my hoodie, and I could see Michaels ‘Metallica’ band tee cling to his body and goose bumps rise on his tattooed skin.

“Y/N Y/L/N, will you do the honours of making me the happiest dork alive and marry the fuck out of me?” He laughed, his eyes crinkling and his tongue peeking between his teeth.

“Yes Michael Clifford, I will marry the fuck out of you.” I shouted over the rain beating against our cars parked in the drive with a smile on my face as I held my shaking hand out. He bit his lip as he slid the ring onto my finger then fist pumped the air before jumping up and pulling me into his chest, spinning me around and peppering kisses over my face as I laughed and felt the rain wash over us but the way Michael held me, not even the rain could get between us. Michael put me back on my feet and brushed the hair out of my face before pressing his cold, plump lips against mine. I giggled when he pinched my cheeks softly, placing my hands on his chest and kissing him back with everything I had.

“Think it’s time to go inside” Michael spoke against my lips, his thumb pressing against my bottom lip and pulling down on it with a smirk on his face. I backed away from Michael smiling and picked up his wet clothes, the raindrops falling on my shirt. Also probably wasn’t a good idea to wear a white shirt and black bra. Michael threw his clothes in the suitcase, zipping it back up. I ran up to the front door with my suitcase and I looked down at the ring, It was glimmering in the rain. Michael unlocked the door throwing the suitcase across the floor, leaving a long wet patch. Michael turned towards me as I placed my suitcase down on the floor.

“Finacee” He whispered, I pushed him up against the wall and kiss him feverishly. Kissing Michael was always my favourite thing his red lips sucking onto mine. They way he made me feel when kissing was a feeling that I’d never get used too. Michael whimpered as I stroked my hand under his shirt, it sticking to my hand as I felt his cold tummy. I pecked his lip’s and stood back peeling my wet white shirt from my body. I threw it on the floor, it making a slapping sound against the wood flooring.

I walked to the staircase pulling down my jeans although they were tight against my legs. I trod out of them placing the to the side.  Michael followed me taking off his shirt, it falling onto the staircase as I walked up the stairs. I turned my body around as Michael picked me up walking to our bedroom. My elgs were flying everywhere as he pushed me up against the door. But being Michael he pushed too hard so it suddenly opened and we both fell inside the room. 

“Fuck sake” he laughed into my neck, I giggled running my hand through his wet hair pulling him up. Ignore the slight pang of pain I felt in my back from him landing on me. I ran my lips against his stroking down his face, smiling to myself and pressed my lips to his. Michael reached down unbuttoning his trousers, he shuffled them down his legs whilst pushing his face harder into mine. I smiled his nose bumping into mine as he chewed on my lips. 

“You’re such a dork” I moaned, grinding my hips up into Michael’s wet boxers, which were cold against my pussy. Due to the material of his boxers being wet they were tight up against him and showed the massive bulge. Which cause me to feel everything making my pussy wet and slightly numb from the coldness.  

“Take them off, m cold” I whined. Michael pecked my nose and pulled them down his legs letting out a shiver as his cock sprung free. I reached behind unclipping my bra, flinging the heavy wet bra across the room. Michael placed his cold dick on my panties, slowly grinding and tucking it under the lace material and moving his tip against my folds. I whined, kicking him in the shoulder, he just laughed leaning down and attaching our lips again. 

“So cold, warm me up” I whimpered. Mikey kissed me before kissing down my body, over my cold breasts and down to my core. He licked over my panties, making the wet patch spread. He hooked his fingers under the waistband and pulled them down. My legs slightly stubbly due to me not really shaving for a couple of days since it was just packing and airport. He smirked anyway kissing my legs and moving his face towards my pussy. He blew warm air over it making me rise my hips into Michael’s face.

“You must be freezing” He pouted, placing his lips on my clit. His stubble scratched the inside of my thighs as I squashed my legs against his face. From our make out session Michael’s lips were warm and tender as he pressed them up against me. He sucked on my clit, pushing the tip of his tongue against it circling around. Michael wetted his lips as he sucked on my clit with more force. Slightly hollowing his cheeks and flattening his tongue around me. 

Michael backed up, making a popping sound as he let go of my clit. He kitten licked up my pussy before his tongue lapped at my juices. He flicked his tongue into me, the sensation making me quiver. The stubble on his upper lip  scratched against my clit send little shock waves through my body. He nestled his head in further fucking his tongue into my heat. The coldness it once was, was now warm and filled with Michael’s tongue warmth radiating off him. Michael climbed back up my body giving my pussy one more lick and licking over the column of my breasts. He peck each side of my boobs and came back over to my chin and licked over my lips. I could taste myself on his lips moaning in delight.

“Taste good huh?” He smirked licking his tongue in my mouth. Michael grabbed his cock and pushed himself into my entrance. I moaned in content, stroking down his arm. Michael slowly rotated his hips his cock rocking into mine. My eye’s rolled to the back of my head, his cock stretching out my pussy as he moved back and forth.

“You’re so big for a dork” I smiled. Mikey stroked down my arm winking and showed me his teeth smiling. He grabbed my hand and interlaced our fingers him placing them on my heart. He kissed my ring and looked back up at me, his eyes shining. I rolled my body into his as his cock pounding into my tight hole. 

Michael’s small hand pressed down onto mine as he rammed into me, his tip really hitting the spot. The veins of his dick pulsated inside me and his balls were slapping my ass. There was a sweet smell of sex lingering up in the air as Michael slammed inside me. I titled my head back so it hit the floor and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Michael clenched his eye’s shut and parted his lip coming inside me. I widened my eye’s at him, with his hair spiked up and his eyelashes pressed against his cheeks. He continued to thrust inside me making the pit in my stomach send me over the edge. I clenched my thighs once again and pinched my nipple with Michael’s hand that was resting on my chest. I looked up at Michael who was already looking down at me. 

“We’re going to get married” he whispered

“Yeah I can’t wait” 


I am sorry to tell you that I will be posting less and less for the next 2 weeks and this is because I will be on holiday and mostly far away from my computer, but I will try my best to post a little. Don’t expect much. Also if you would like to see photos from my holiday trip to Italy like this post and I will surely put some for you. 

Thank you very much for understanding and also thanks for all the support. 

Do you have holiday plans? How about Italy? Learn these useful phrases and enjoy a country that’s always amazing:

Hello. - Ciao.
What is your name? - Come si chiama?
My name is _____. - Mi chiamo _____.
How are you? - Come sta?
Thank you. - Grazie.
Good-bye. - Arrivederci.
The bill, please. - Il conto, per favore.
How do I get to the airport? - Qual è la strada per l’aeroporto?
I need a city map. - Mi serve una piantina della città.
I need a taxi. - Ho bisogno di un tassì.
How do I get to the station? - Qual è la strada per la stazione?
What time is it? - Che ora è?
Do you have a vacant room? - Ha una camera libera?
Is there a youth hostel nearby? - C’è un ostello della gioventù qui vicino?
Is there a restaurant nearby? - C’è un ristorante qui vicino?
I’d like an orange juice. - Vorrei un’aranciata.
I’d like something without meat. - Vorrei qualcosa senza carne.
I’d like some mixed vegetables. - Vorrei un piatto di verdura.
I am here on vacation. - Sono qui in vacanza.
Can I take photos? - Posso fare foto?
How much does it cost? - Quanto costa?
Do you take credit cards? - Accettate carte di credito?

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