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A (Teen Wolf) Night Before Christmas
Written by: Jen (
A (Teen Wolf) Night Before Christmas

(as read by Natalie Fisher, Karen Rought and Courtney Guy of Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast)

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the loft

The pack was stirring, Stiles was playing Lara Croft

Allison baking cookies, Lydia icing with care

Isaac and Scott were on their way there

Derek was sulking, lying prone in his bed

While visions of Alphas danced in his head

Cora came over and gave him a thwap

“C’mon, big brother, it’s too late to nap.”

Then from the front door, there came such a racket

As in tumbled Scott and Isaac, with no jacket

And a large Christmas tree grasped ‘tween the two

They made their way in, not quite sure what to do

Derek rolled out of bed, pushed Cora aside

“Over here, idiots,” he said, being snide.

“Right next to the staircase, the one I don’t use.

We have to hurry, there’s no time to lose.”

The tree now in place, video games set aside

Stiles stood back and took in the scene with great pride

This was all his idea, a pack Christmas, their first

And he was so filled with joy, he thought he would burst

Now Derek, and Cora, and Isaac, and Scott

All stood admiring the tree that they’d got

And Allison and Lydia, with cookies in hand,

Joined in with the pack as Stiles adjusted the stand

“It’s a good tree,” Derek said with a smile

“I like it,” he said. “Good job, Stiles.”

“Hey,” Isaac said, popping out from the tree

“Stiles didn’t help, it was all Scott and me.”

“His idea,” Derek said, grabbing the lights.

Isaac frowned, pouting, “Well, that’s just not right.”

Stiles just laughed and helped to wrangle

The Christmas lights, which were all in a tangle

Scott and Allison unpacked the case

That held all the ornaments safely in place

And passed them out, one by one

Waiting for Derek and Stiles to be done

Stiles strode up the stairs, trailing lights below

And watched as they carefully started to glow

Derek wrapped them ‘round the tree with great care

And the whole pack stopped a minute, just to stare

As the tree lit the loft in soft, gentle light

For a moment, everything seemed just right

Then the alarm started ringing, its light flashing bright

Shrieking loud and long through the night

“Oh no,” Derek sighed, getting ready for attack

He’d do anything to protect his pack

And through the front door, dressed all in red

Came Peter, his uncle, who used to be dead

He carried a large sack, filled to the brim

With presents and other types of holiday trim

“I’m here to help,” he said, stepping right up

To the tree, where he laid down his big bag of stuff

“Thanks,” Lydia said. “You can go now.”

And Derek fought back the urge to howl

As Peter stepped back to the door with a scowl.

“Just remember,” he said, “I’m the alpha now.”


Over the river and through the woods… All decked out in Holiday trim, former PRR Doodlebug No. 4662 traverses the bridge at Wooddale over the Red Clay Creek after exiting a rock cut. PRR #4662 is the only operating PRR Doodlebug in the US and was built in 1929 by Pullman Standard and outfitted by Brill. She was lovingly restored by the crew at W&W in 1979. A very special thanks to the crew and Steven Jensen for graciously allowing a short pause on this last train making the image possible.