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Thought I’d share with you all something I posted on my personal Instagram (@arielmermaid02)!
*What to order at Starbucks!*☕️
Do you love peppermint mochas like I do? Well I’ve perfected my perfect coffee order to get the closest thing to a peppermint mocha, without breaking the money or calorie bank. A grande size only has 60 calories, 5g net carbs, and 3g of sugar! Definitely hard to keep the sugar that low at Starbucks.
This generally costs me around $3, compared to the $4-5 a peppermint mocha would cost. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

anonymous asked:

how gom + kagami & kiyoshi would flirt with their barista while ordering a holiday drink

I’m using the holiday Starbucks drink list just because! 

Akashi: He asks for a Toffee Nut latte, and he tries to talk coffee to you, although he knows almost nothing about it. You giggle at his attempt, but Akashi actually stutters and elaborates falsely on topics he doesn’t know, so you just stand there, nodding like you understand what he’s saying. AKASHI HOLDS UP THE LINE, but he doesn’t really care because he thinks you’re cute. He ends up contradicting himself, and you burst out in laughter, and that’s when he asks for your number.

Aomine: When you give him his drink, a Peppermint Mocha, he eyes you subtly and drinks it, proclaiming that it’s way too sweet. He’s one of those flirters who give you a damn hard time and makes you HATE him and he consistently comes back to the store, requesting the same thing each time and also complaining, and singles you out so you’re the only one who knows how to make the drink. You actually hate his guts, but one day when you were giving him the drink, he calls you “sweetheart” and asks when your break ends. You try to blow him off, but he waits in the store for you. 

Kise: Kise bonds with you over the design of the cups. He asks for a chestnut praline latte, and is coy in his flirting. He does things like lean over the counter, ask for extra cups of water, and lingers there longer than usual. He comes back several times and it doesn’t take long for you to realize he’s flirting. He slips his number with a napkin one day when you’re giving him his drink - giving you the option to text him first or not. 

Midorima: With a bit of pushing from you, his regular barista, Midorima opts for something else besides the flat white. He gets the eggnog latte since he’s a fan of eggnog, and he always overly sweats when he’s in line because he gets nervous when he talks to you. He doesn’t linger like Kise in the coffee shop, but he brings his books there so he can study and look at you make coffee from afar. One day, he stays there longer than usual and you go on your break and plop down next to him, scaring him a bit, and that’s how you relationship takes off. 

Murasakibara: Mura is one of those people at Starbucks who never get any drinks, they just get food. He enjoys the Gingerbread loaf and he always gets like 10 so you know he is notorious for this. One day, you suggest for him to get the gingerbread latte to duplicate the flavor, and he loves it so so much, he kind of harasses you to get the recipe. You told him you couldn’t tell him, so he kind of slyly asks if he can see you outside of your work hours so you can show him how to make it. 

Kuroko: He loves the pumpkin spice latte and he always asks for extra whipped cream. He becomes known as the boy who asks for that, and you’re the barista who always gives him a LOT of extra cream, so he’s drawn to you because of that. Kuroko is very shy so he’s unsure of how to approach you, but one day, he comes right before your break and catches you as you leave. He kind of stops you and says like “you’re extra whipped cream girl-chan,” and you giggle and he compliments what you’re wearing and then smoothly transitions into getting your number (smoOOTh kuroko) 

Kagami: Kagami kind of blunders into Starbucks very confused because Himuro wanted him to order something so he just asks you (a very pretty barista) some recommendations and you gave him a caramel latte. He was just really fascinated with your smooth actions in making the coffee so when you gave it to him, he was kind of staring at you incessantly, and he accidentally dropped one cup (because kagami is clumsy af). He blushes heavily and tries to leave the store, but you make him another one and draws a smiley face on the cup for him to feel better. He comes back, basically every day to try to catch you at your shift since the incident. 

Kiyoshi: Kiyoshi loves the Christmas cookie latte, and he discovered that through you. as an indecisive person, he couldn’t decide among the lists of drinks so he asks you, his barista, your favorite, and since then he’s been loving the cookie latte. He always comes to see you - his excuse being that he wants his latte with different variations (sometimes less sugar, with a pump of peppermint) and you accommodate to his needs. He knows your name and the name of your shift mates, so you’re unaware that he’s flirting with you. One day, you bump into him right before you start your shift and he asks for your number and also to treat you out for lunch during your break.