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i’m 21 today!! 🎊🎉

i can’t believe that - it doesn’t feel quite like a special day yet, but i’m sure once i get up, that magical “holiday” feeling will set in. i hope you all have a wonderful day and a rejuvenating new moon in Scorpio! best wishes all around from *this* Scorpio. i love you. :,) ✨🕊💝

Hi, just a little heads up;

I’m flying back home to Denmark for the next few days, to collect my glasses i brought last time and celebrate my birthday, i will be gone until the 22th. Since its only a few days, i won’t take the laptop with me. 

  • There will be a queue in the weekend 

Other then that, there will not be an queue rest of next week unfortunate :3

PBS Filmed Performances schedule!

Friday, October 20, 9-11:30pm:
She Loves Me

Friday, October 27, 9-11:30pm:

Friday, November 3, 9-11:30pm:
Noël Coward’s Present Laughter

Friday, November 10, 9-10pm:
In the Heights: Chasing Broadway Dreams

Friday, November 17, 9-11pm:

Friday, November 24, 9-11:30pm:
Irving Berlin’s Holiday Inn

Set that DVR yall!

Setting Up Your Altar: Ostara

Ostara is the time to honor rebirth and renewal, not just physical but spiritual as well. It is the time when light and dark are once again at balance and are equal. Here are a few ways you can decorate your altar for the coming Sabbat.

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Colors of the Season:

  • Yellows
  • Purples
  • Greens
  • Blues 
  • Pinks
  • Pastel Colors

Balance of the Equinox Symbols:

  • God and Goddess Statue
  • Black and White Candle
  • Balancing Scales
  • Sun and Moon Symbol
  • Yin and Yang

New Life:

  • Milk
  • Plants (daffodils, lilies)
  • Basket of Eggs
  • Spring is synonymous with new life, put things that are just being born or renewed onto your altar.

Other Symbols of the Season:

  • Seeds and Bulbs
  • Nature Deities (Herne, Flora, Gaia, Attis, etc)
  • Gemstones and Crystals (aquamarine, rose quartz, and moonstone)

Ostara is March 20th this year. 

Blessed Be


Can you imagine aliens trying to figure out fireworks? Humans set off bombs for aesthetic. That’s how we celebrate certain holidays, by setting off bombs that hurt our ears and dazzle our eyes, because we think they’re pretty.

“What is this ‘New Year’s Day, Brett?”

“Well, it’s the end of our solar year, marking when the earth has traveled all the way around the sun.”

“You humans are odd. That is nothing to celebrate. It happens by nature.”

“We think it’s pretty special. Anyway, we get together with friends, count down the hours to the new year and set off fireworks-”

“What are fireworks?”

“Pyrotechnics, um, bombs. They explode in the air. They’re pretty harmless if you handle them properly-”

“You set off BOMBS to celebrate the fact that your planet has circled your star???”

“Um, yeah, it sounds funny when you say it like that but yeah.”

*confused and terrified alien screaming*


IDOLiSH7 card sets  🍮 IDOLiSH7 ~Starring! King’s Pudding~ Ichiban Kuji 💖

Holidays and Cultural Celebrations

Religious Holidays: the original holidays. These are consecrated days or part of a religious festival. These may or may not be celebrated by people not of the origin religion, though when they are it is often in a much different form. Some things a religious holiday may celebrate:
>In honor of the birth or death of prophets
>In honor of the birth or death of divine entities or demi-gods
>In memory or honor of miracles performed
>Days declared holy by the holy scripture; days with special requirements as declared by the holy scripture

National Holidays: holidays legally recognized by the government; often non-working days for government employees, national holidays may also be a day in which non-government businesses also close. Some things a national holiday may celebrate:
>Anniversary of the founding of the kingdom/country/state/town/etc
>Anniversary of important battles, whether local or national
>Anniversary of the birth or death of leaders, previous leaders, or other important figures
>Days to honor living veterans, deceased veterans, and those currently serving the country
>Depending on the government of the land, some religious holidays may recognized as national holidays as well.

Cultural Celebrations: due to the lack of religious or national recognition, these are generally only considered celebrations rather than holidays.
>These may have started out as a religious or national holiday that lost its original intent and transformed into something completely unrelated from its source.
>These may have started out as a random idea by someone who thought it would be fun, and who convinced others to join.
>These may be celebrated in a small area, or among certain individuals in a wider area.
>>A couple of examples: an annual neighborhood barbecue could count as a holiday in that neighborhood; pi day could count as a holiday to math and pie fanatics across the world, while not being a holiday to anyone else.